Dr Clare Warren

Senior Lecturer
The Open University


I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems.   My research centres around the evolution of mountain belts formed when ocean basins close and continents collide, and in particular the burial and exhumation history of high grade metamorphic rocks.  I work closely with the Ar/Ar Research Group and the Himalayan-Tibet Research Group.

I find ways to improve geochronological and thermobarometric techniques in order to track rock pathways during burial and exhumation and the timescales over which these processes take place.  By improving our knowledge of the rates of tectonics processes we can track the interactions between the different spheres of the Earth system with better precision.

I am always interested in hearing from potential students and postdocs who want to come and work in metamorphic, geochronological and tectonics research at the Open University. Please send me an email.

Research Interests

The geochronological evolution of metamorphic rocks, specifically using Ar/Ar (mica) and U-Pb (monazite, rutile, titanite, zircon).

Metamorphic pressure-temperature-time path modelling.

Diffusion modelling, in particular the diffusion of species important to geochronology (e.g. Ar in muscovite, Pb in rutile) and thermobarometry (e.g. Zr in rutile).

Modelling geodynamic processes, and specifically the formation and exhumation of high pressure rocks in continental collision zones.



Current Projects and Collaborations

Developing trace element fingerprinting techniques to constrain rates and timescales of tectonic processes

Diffusion processes in minerals important for geochronology and thermobarometry

Developing ways of using noble gases as tracers of tectonic processes and fluid flow

Burial and exhumation processes of the Western Gneiss Region, Norway

The geology and tectonics of the eastern Himalaya



External collaborations

Secretary of the UK Metamorphic Studies Group

Key Papers

Please visit Dr Clare Warrens profile for publications