Alan Radbourne

Loughborough University


The role of lakes on the global carbon and silica cycles: drivers of seasonal variability at RostherneMere, Cheshire.

PhD Summary

Lakes are now seen as hotspots of biogeochemical cycling (process, release and burial) within their landscapes, but uncertainties remain in establishing and modelling the role of lakes in the global biogeochemical cycling today, and under a range of future climatic scenarios. This PhD addresses this key topic by combining high-resolution automated monitoring of both lake production and limnology at Rostherne Mere, Cheshire. It will focus on quantitative diatom analysis, biogenic silica (BSi) and particulate organic C (POC) from automated sediment trap samples collected over an 8 year period (2010-2017), testing the hypothesised drivers of variability (e.g. climate, stratification, nutrient concentrations) in the context of predictions for future climate change Blog: