University of Leicester


Time-tagged photon detection for measuring air pollutants


Dr Stephen Ball and Dr Jon Lapington

PhD Summary

The main objective of my PhD project is to develop a high performance absorption spectrometer capable of autonomous operation for monitoring atmospheric pollutants, such as NO2. The instrument will also be able to detect aerosol particles via their scattering of light.

What inspires you?

I have been interested in the environment for some time now, with a particular interest for renewable fuels and sustainability. My interest in the environment grew further during the final year of my undergraduate degree, where I was involved in an atmospheric chemistry MChem project. My knowledge was supplemented by studying both an Earth System Science module and a Green Chemistry module.

Previous Activity

Before my PhD I completed my MChem Chemistry with a year in industry degree at the University of Leicester. My year in industry was at the Science and Technology Facilities Council at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with the Advanced Materials Group.

Why did you choose Docotoral Research?

I decided to undertake Doctoral Research to further enhance my academic knowledge and I really enjoyedmy MChem project, which was in the same research area as my PhD.

Why did you choose a CENTA Studentship?

The extensive training that CENTA studentships offer was really appealing to me and I like that CENTA is a collaboration between a number of universities, which instantly provides networking opportunities.

What are your future plans

I am really interested in the environment, particularly air pollution and renewable fuels. I hope that studying at the University of Leicester will improve my chances of working in this field in the future.