Jonathan Moles

The Open University


Tindfjallajökull volcano, Iceland


Dave McGarvie (OU) Sarah Sherlock (OU) Mike Widdowson (University of Hull) John Stevenson (University of Edinburgh)

PhD Summary

I am a PhD research student (2014 - present) funded by NERC through the CENTA Doctoral Training Partnership. My research project focusses on Tindfjallajökull volcano in Iceland. Unlike the neighbouring Eyjafjallajökull volcano, no eruptions have been recorded at Tindfjallajökull and the past behaviour of the volcano is largely unknown. Using the products of past eruptions, my research aims to improve our understanding of how Tindfjallajökull volcano has grown and evolved through time. Through my work on Tindfjallajökull, I am engaged in the following areas of research: The interaction between volcanic eruptions and ice (glaciovolcanism). The geochemical evolution of Icelandic volcanoes. Dating of volcanic rocks using Ar-Ar techniques. The use of volcanoes in studying past ice caps.I have also had the opportunity to study glaciovolcanic eruptions and volcano geophysics in southern Chile.