Julie Harrald

The Open University


Unravelling the tectonic and climatic controls on Upper Jurassic mass flow deposits in NE Scotland


Angela Coe and Luke Mander

PhD Summary

I will be studying the mass flow deposits accumulated along the Helmsdale Fault in NE Scotland and by carrying out high resolution sedimentalogical and palynological analysis, trying to identify the extent to which the sedimentation was controlled by movement on the fault and by changes in sea level (i.e. climate change).

What inspires you?

My parents took me into the countryside as a young child and we explored my local area in all seasons.

Previous Activity

Managed geoconservation projects

Why did you choose Docotoral Research?

In order to improve my skills and learn about something in detail

Why did you choose a CENTA Studentship?

I saw the project advertised and it looked interesting; it was only later that I realised what CENTA was all about.

What are your future plans

That is all unknown at present, as I am already in my 50’s – so not sure what the employment prospects will be when I finish. If needs be, I will go back to project management.