Ryan Morrison

University of Warwick


Can genomic re-arrangement be induced in maize through stress-causing controlled growth conditions?


Dr Logan Kistler and Prof Robin Allaby

PhD Summary

I will be investigating how environmental stresses (e.g. drought conditions) induce the activation of transposable elements in maize.

What inspires you?

I first became interested in the subject after watching David Attenborough documentaries, his enthusiasm specifically about the subject was a real inspiration.

Previous Activity

BSc (Hons) Applied Genetics at the University of the West of England, then MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at Queen’s University Belfast.

Why did you choose Docotoral Research?

I wanted to continue to learn and specialise in a subject, specifically in plants as this is of particular interest to me. It also provides the skills needed to continue a career in science

Why did you choose a CENTA Studentship?

CENTA encourages collaboration between disciplines and Universities, and provides research training which particularly useful.

What are your future plans

The training provided and skills gained from my study will provide me with the perfect platform to continue a career in science. Personally I would like to stay in academia and become a lecturer.