Slawomir Michniewski

University of Warwick


Marine bacteriophages: important players in antibiotic resistance gene transfer?


Dr Andrew Millard, Prof Dave Scanlan

PhD Summary

My PhD project will try to determine the role of bacteriophages in transfer of antimicrobial resistance genes between bacteria within a marine environment.

What inspires you?

Environment’ lessons in primary school

Previous Activity

I have finished two masters courses: MSc Biotechnology and MSc Molecular Biology and additional course in Internet Applications to learn basic programming skills which could prove useful in bioinformatics. In the meantime I was working as a games journalist, travelling around the Europe and writing various articles and guides for games.

Why did you choose Docotoral Research?

I always wanted to be a ‘scientist’ since I was a kid and doing PhD course was a natural follow up to MSc degrees. Doctoral Research not only will broaden my knowledge and skill set but also will enable me to pursue further career in research.

Why did you choose a CENTA Studentship?

Possibility of working at one of the top UK universities and on the topic I was most interested in (bacteriophages).

What are your future plans

As pretty much any career in ‘science’ requires you to have a PhD this course will open few barred gates for me, plus in the longer run it will act as a shortcut for getting a good job be it in industry or academia (long way being here: climbing up the corporate ladder, starting as lab assistant).