Vlad-Victor Ene

University of Leicester


Crustal recycling in the magmatic evolution of gold telluride districts


Dr Daniel Smith, Dr Jon Naden, Dr Marian Munteanu, Prof. Colin Macpherson, Dr Frances Jenner, Dr Simon Tapster, Dr David Holwell

PhD Summary

Even though Au-Te deposit are an important source for both metals, the underlying processes involved in their formation is poorly understood. The project focuses on the Metaliferi Mountains in Romania where the presence of tellurium is explained by the magmas being formed due the remelting of metasomatized mantle. A different hypothesis will be tested, involving lower crustal cumulates – their formation by fractional crystallization and subsequent melting might be involved in the enrichment in tellurium.

What inspires you?

Hiking from an early age and living in mountainous and densely forested areas.

Previous Activity

I’ve worked as a junior exploration geologist for Reservoir Minerals in their project in the Banat area of Romania

Why did you choose Docotoral Research?

I’ve been interested in doing research ever since my undergraduate studies and I considered that doing a PhD would be a normal step

Why did you choose a CENTA Studentship?

My main interest was the project but what I find interesting in the CENTA program is the available trainings – both their number and their diversity.

What are your future plans

My future plans revolve around research and academia and I consider that the PhD project will offer me a strong foothold in order to pursue them. Besides the obvious technical capabilities that I will gain due to the trainings and working with various analytical tools, CENTA offers a high degree of multidisciplinary, a feature that is sought after more and more in the modern research environment.