Yannick Withoos

University of Leicester


Hazardous explosive eruptions at a flooded caldera volcano, Philippines


Prof Michael Branney, Dr Dan Smith, Dr Tiffany Barry

PhD Summary

The aim of the project is to re-assess the pyroclastic record of past eruptions at Taal, a flooded caldera volcano, in the Philippines. Modern physical volcanology techniques including both lab and fieldwork will be used to help quantify the frequencies, styles, and extent of the most-hazardous, large-scale eruptions at Taal.

What inspires you?

Growing up in different countries I was exposed to a variety of natural environments and was amazed by the diversity and sheer beauty of the natural world. I gained a lot of respect for the environment after experiencing earthquakes in Japan and seeing how destructive the natural world can be. The ever changing nature of the environment makes it such a fascinating subject to study.

Previous Activity

I completed my BSc Geology at Durham University followed by a MSc Volcanology at the University of Bristol.

Why did you choose Docotoral Research?

As I continued my education I realised that I wanted to take my research further. Doctoral research provides a great opportunity to answer unknown questions that will hopefully allow us to better understand the natural world and prepare for any natural hazards.

Why did you choose a CENTA Studentship?

The CENTA studentship provides a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and learn from both other students and supervisors conducting research in a variety of areas. I look forward to joining the CENTA community.

What are your future plans

Studying here will provide me with a great set of skills and knowledge to help me with any future endeavours. I hope to continue conducting research either at an academic institute or by working at a volcano monitoring centre.