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  1. Climate change in the Peruvian Amazon: assessing and modelling the role of invertebrates in wood decay and carbon cycling under changing flood dynamics.
  2. Developing high-resolution above- and below-ground 3-D carbon maps for farm and landscape management
  3. Carbon emissions from volcanism: the Karoo-Ferrar large igneous province and the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
  4. Carbon Down the Drain: Controls on DOC production and transport in oil palm plantations and forests on tropical peatland
  5. Leaf chemistry response to elevated CO­2: decomposition and nutrient cycle impacts
  6. Facies expression of Carboniferous Source Rocks: Hydrocarbon Generation, Expulsion or Retention
  7. Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways
  8. Satellite Observations of CO2 in support of the Paris Agrement for Emission Reduction
  9. Towards improved weather forecasting: the retrieval of temperature and cloud properties from IASI using new carbon dioxide spectroscopic line parameters
  10. Plastic a new anthropogenic component of the geological cycle: its chemical and physical behaviour and transformation
  11. Revealing a cryptic organosulfur cycle in benthic marine environments using microbiology and metagenomics
  12. Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system.
  13. Seismically triggered greenhouse gas eruptions from carbon rich wetland environments.
  14. Microbial communities cycling organic sulfur compounds in Arctic sea ice
  15. Plant-mycorrhizal associations and response to global change in a species-rich calcareous grassland
  16. Cave exploration: shedding light on organic sulfur cycling in a terrestrial underground chemosynthetic system
  17. Drivers of marine ecosystem change during an ancient abrupt global warming event
  18. Tree mortality and drought: leveraging the power of big data
  19. Genetic Dark Matter? Functional characterization of a non-coding RNA regulation of microbial metabolism of climate active trace gases.
  20. Linda Westermann
  21. Andrew McIntyre
  22. Ed Bannister
  23. Initiating Near REal time Demand response (INRED)
  24. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Extensive Agriculture in the Indio-Gangetic Plain
  25. Enhancing peatland resilience to wildfire through peatland habitat restoration; building the evidence base.
  26. How will forested watersheds store, mix and release water in a Greenhouse World? Effects of elevated CO2 on tree water source apportionment
  27. A biogeochemical conundrum: How do metals cross the bacterial outer membrane?
  28. Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach
  29. Sedimentation patterns in the tropics during the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) period of extreme environmental change
  30. Woodland insect responses to climate change
  31. Alan Radbourne
  32. Boris Berkhout
  33. Emma Johnstone
  34. Kate Ashley
  35. Aleksandra Kulawska
  36. Evaluation of mining lagoon silt as a suitable medium for restoring land to arable conditions
  37. Resilience to change in a fast-changing environment: vegetation productivity in the high Arctic
  38. What can hydrocarbon fingerprints tell us about fracking in organic-rich shales?
  39. Tracing Pacific-Indian Ocean heat and salt exchange by the Indonesian Throughflow and its impact on global climate variabi
  40. Climate change impacts on subsistence agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa – an exploration using data assimilation with the JULES land surface model.
  41. The elusive BVOC: mapping atmospheric isoprene from space
  42. Future Climate: Future Pollen and Spores
  43. Sustainable management of Agricultural soils: Reducing greenhouse gas emission and enhancing natural fertility
  44. Investigating the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere with induction coil magnetometer data
  45. Investigations of atmospheric gravity waves with SuperDARN
  46. The effect of the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) extreme environmental change on insects
  47. Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold mineralisation in the Zambezi and Lufilian belts of Zambia: part of a major polymetallic magmatic-metallogenic province
  48. Detecting wildfire dynamics with multi-dimensional time series of remotely sensed data
  49. The Biology of Suspended Animation
  50. Linking impacts of climate change on snow and water resources
  51. The genetic basis of adaptive evolution
  52. Dr. Jonathan Naden
  53. Jess Palmer
  54. Amy Newman
  55. Clarissa Baldo
  56. Carrie Walker
  57. Katy Faulkner
  58. Nicola Kirby
  59. Rebecca Howe
  60. Will Crabbe
  61. Luke Meade
  62. Identification of types of tropical forest disturbance using satellite data and artificial intelligence
  63. Developing a long-term merged all-sky surface temperature record for evaluation and application in climate models
  64. Developing a new near surface low-cost observational capability. The (X-rack)-1 project (inverse X-rack project).
  65. A better understanding of environmental impact through ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and organic geochemistry
  66. Assessment of ClNO2 as a missing oxidant in the UK atmosphere
  67. Miocene Evolution of the Asian monsoon
  68. Wood burning in the West Midlands: impact on air quality and health
  69. The importance of land-atmosphere interactions for future changes in extreme rainfall in convection permitting models
  70. From the Colorado Plateau to beyond Earth: using magmatic intrusions into sulphate-rich sediments as analogue for planetary habitable environments
  71. Making the most of K-feldspar: development of in-situ K-Ca dating and isotopic fingerprinting of upper crustal processes
  72. Arctic Mineral Dust Fluxes: quantification, drivers and impacts
  73. Next Generation LA-ICP-MS Geoscience
  74. Landscape evolution modelling for enhanced geohazard risk management along the Bailong River Corridor, Gansu, China
  75. Unravelling the process of subduction initiation: style, mechanism, and timing
  76. Understanding microbial lignin degradation in soil
  77. Siliceously deficient? Are UK crops missing out on silicon and can cover crops help?
  78. Floodplain-meadow management in a changing environment
  79. Eel Anguilla anguilla migration, barriers and loss of ecosystem services: the case of the River Parrett catchment, Somerset Levels.
  80. Re-thinking insect adaptation to Antarctica’s extreme environments
  81. Digital field mapping and modelling: using emerging technologies to reduce uncertainty in geological models
  82. Efficient and sustainable use of floodplains for enhanced productivity