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  1. Berivan Esen
  2. Deadly Climate Hazards Combined: Tropical Cyclones and Deadly Heat
  3. Self-Organisation of Cooking Emissions in Urban Aerosols?
  4. David Cavell
  5. Costanza Morino
  6. Maxwell Rayner
  7. Lewis Banks
  8. Chrysi Sergaki
  9. Nicola Kirby
  10. Monsoon evolution through vegetation and fire reconstructions
  11. Resilience to change in a fast-changing environment: vegetation productivity in the high Arctic
  12. Plant-mycorrhizal associations and response to global change in a species-rich calcareous grassland
  13. Quantifying patch-scale eco-hydraulic interactions in rivers
  14. How to balance the design of multi-functional cities with flood resilience
  15. Natural Capital and its role in improving rural land planning and management at different spatial scales
  16. Nucleation of Atmospheric Aerosols
  17. Miocene Evolution of the Asian monsoon
  18. Tracing Pacific-Indian Ocean heat and salt exchange by the Indonesian Throughflow and its impact on global climate variabi
  19. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Extensive Agriculture in the Indio-Gangetic Plain
  20. Improving undestanding of real world vehicle tailpipe air pollution through driving scenario emissions modelling
  21. Next generation winter road maintenance forecasts using data from the Internet of Things
  22. Sustainable management of Agricultural soils: Reducing greenhouse gas emission and enhancing natural fertility
  23. Advancing the development and application of spatial decision support tools for the sustainable reuse of brownfield land
  24. Downstream dispersal and transfer of macroplastics in river systems: a travel distance approach
  25. Space-based solutions to air pollution in the UK
  26. The effect of the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) extreme environmental change on insects
  27. After the dust has settled: The post-impact hydrothermal system at Rochechouart impact crater.
  28. From the Colorado Plateau to beyond Earth: using magmatic intrusions into sulphate-rich sediments as analogue for planetary habitable environments
  29. Making the most of K-feldspar: development of in-situ K-Ca dating and isotopic fingerprinting of upper crustal processes
  30. Assessing the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management at a catchment scale
  31. Modelling environmental controls on different dune forms in central Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  32. Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance
  33. Sedimentation patterns in the tropics during the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) period of extreme environmental change
  34. Siliceously deficient? Are UK crops missing out on silicon and can cover crops help?
  35. Detecting wildfire dynamics with multi-dimensional time series of remotely sensed data
  36. Brain evolution in pre-mammalian cynodonts and the role of intraspecific variation
  37. Tree mortality and drought: leveraging the power of big data
  38. Elucidating the transmission and persistence of antimicrobial resistance genes in the Thames watershed