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  1. Investigating adaptation of autotetraploid Erythranthe guttata to internal and external environmental challenges
  2. Re-thinking insect adaptation to Antarctica’s extreme environments
  3. Transport, fate and aquatic ecological impact of airport de-icers: a collaborative research project with Heathrow Airport
  4. River temperature under change: understanding potential of riparian forest and landscape properties for climate adaptation
  5. Spawning habitat characteristics of lithophilic fish – using experimental approaches to inform river restoration.
  6. The Biology of Suspended Animation
  7. Understanding the impacts of urbanisation on ancient woodland
  8. The genetic basis of adaptive evolution
  9. Modelling temporal changes in biodiversity as a function of land-use change in Indonesia
  10. Enhancing peatland resilience to wildfire through peatland habitat restoration; building the evidence base.
  11. Analysis of sediment DNA (sedDNA) to understand ecosystem resilience in microbial communities.
  12. Can we develop tools for securing Lawtonian landscape resilience?
  13. Henk Krajenbrink
  14. Global diversity and ecosystem functions of a newly discovered plant-microbe symbiosis
  15. Global assessment of flood impact on emergency service provision to vulnerable populations under climate change
  16. Eel Anguilla anguilla migration, barriers and loss of ecosystem services: the case of the River Parrett catchment, Somerset Levels.
  17. Detecting wildfire dynamics with multi-dimensional time series of remotely sensed data
  18. Climate change impacts on subsistence agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa – an exploration using data assimilation with the JULES land surface model.
  19. Linking impacts of climate change on snow and water resources
  20. River ecosystem resilience to changing flow regimes
  21. Anticipating climate change: understanding impacts on the water environment in a major UK river basin.
  22. Professor David Scanlan
  23. Professor Mark Purnell
  24. Hollie Marshall
  25. Jessamine Bartlett
  26. Melanie Stone
  27. Richard Mason
  28. Ciara Sugrue
  29. Betty Sands
  30. Tessa Driessen
  31. Nigel Hopper
  32. Aleksandra Kulawska
  33. Ricardo Lemos de Figueiredo
  34. Will Crabbe
  35. Lisa Schnetz
  36. Chris Stockey
  37. Luke Meade
  38. Efficient and sustainable use of floodplains for enhanced productivity
  39. Oceanic island museomics: human impact and the natural laboratory paradigm
  40. A biogeochemical conundrum: How do metals cross the bacterial outer membrane?
  41. Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach
  42. Cave exploration: shedding light on organic sulfur cycling in a terrestrial underground chemosynthetic system
  43. Revealing a cryptic organosulfur cycle in benthic marine environments using microbiology and metagenomics
  44. Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system.
  45. Late Quaternary palaeohydrological and palaeoecological reconstruction in southern Africa using leaf wax lipids
  46. Floodplain-meadow management in a changing environment
  47. Comparative palaeoecology of marine and terrestrial ecosystems
  48. Resilience to change in a fast-changing environment: vegetation productivity in the high Arctic
  49. Natural Capital and its role in improving rural land planning and management at different spatial scales
  50. Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems
  51. Tracing the geological signature of a human-induced transformation of the biosphere in Indonesia
  52. Carbon Down the Drain: Controls on DOC production and transport in oil palm plantations and forests on tropical peatland
  53. Drivers of marine ecosystem change during an ancient abrupt global warming event
  54. The ones that got away: diversification and dispersal in the first neopterygians
  55. Seismically triggered greenhouse gas eruptions from carbon rich wetland environments.
  56. Genetic Dark Matter? Functional characterization of a non-coding RNA regulation of microbial metabolism of climate active trace gases.
  57. The fate of microplastics accumulating at groundwater-surface water interfaces
  58. Time travelling as a powerful approach for the screening of biodiversity
  59. Future Climate: Future Pollen and Spores
  60. How will forested watersheds store, mix and release water in a Greenhouse World? Effects of elevated CO2 on tree water source apportionment
  61. Greener Aircraft: Enhanced combustion of second-generation biofuels
  62. Survival of microbial "living fossils" inside salt crystals
  63. Understanding life at the limits
  64. Dr. Gregor Leckebusch