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  1. Evolutionary consequences of sexual mode switches on gene expression.
  2. The genetic basis of adaptive evolution
  3. Angiosperm evolution and the Arctic floral revolution
  4. Monsoon evolution through vegetation and fire reconstructions
  5. Evolution and phylogenetic relationships of the early cerapodan dinosaurs
  6. The Biology of Suspended Animation
  7. Brain evolution in pre-mammalian cynodonts and the role of intraspecific variation
  8. Landscape evolution modelling for enhanced geohazard risk management along the Bailong River Corridor, Gansu, China
  9. Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems
  10. Miocene Evolution of the Asian monsoon
  11. Hollie Marshall
  12. Chasing convective storm evolution with swarms of space-borne Ka-band radars
  13. Correlative microscopic analysis of uptake, localisation and transformations of nanoscale particles in freshwater foodwebs
  14. The evolution of volcanism following sector collapse
  15. Oceanic island museomics: human impact and the natural laboratory paradigm
  16. Amy Jones
  17. Carrie Walker
  18. Anisa Turner
  19. New North Atlantic Palaeo-Temperature Reconstruction from Terrestrial Sedimentary Archives: Linking Climate and Mantle Processes
  20. The ones that got away: diversification and dispersal in the first neopterygians
  21. Professor Mark Purnell
  22. Luke Mander
  23. Tom Hearing
  24. Chris Stockey
  25. Investigating the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere with induction coil magnetometer data
  26. Accessory minerals as fertility indicators in porphyry copper deposit formation
  27. Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold mineralisation in the Zambezi and Lufilian belts of Zambia: part of a major polymetallic magmatic-metallogenic province
  28. The Stratigraphy and Emplacement of the Antrim Lavas (SEAL)
  29. Imprinting and ploidy in a social insect
  30. Tracing the geological signature of a human-induced transformation of the biosphere in Indonesia
  31. Re-thinking insect adaptation to Antarctica’s extreme environments
  32. Eleni Wood
  33. Jonathan Moles
  34. MacKay
  35. Thomas Lawson
  36. Boris Berkhout
  37. Vlad-Victor Ene
  38. Ciara Sugrue
  39. Neil Adams
  40. Lewis Banks
  41. Vincent Rennie
  42. Cara Wells
  43. Guy Tallentire
  44. Will Crabbe
  45. Rose Clarke
  46. Amy Gray
  47. Lisa Schnetz
  48. Luke Meade
  49. Satellite Observations of CO2 in support of the Paris Agrement for Emission Reduction
  50. Nucleation of Atmospheric Aerosols
  51. Leaf chemistry response to elevated CO­2: decomposition and nutrient cycle impacts
  52. Time travelling as a powerful approach for the screening of biodiversity
  53. After the dust has settled: The post-impact hydrothermal system at Rochechouart impact crater.
  54. Impact-cratering in Scotland: field investigation of the emplacement, sedimentology and environmental effects of a major impact-event
  55. Modelling environmental controls on different dune forms in central Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  56. Tectonomagmatic formation of Earth’s first continents, the Slaufrudalur Pluton, SE Iceland
  57. Analysis of sediment DNA (sedDNA) to understand ecosystem resilience in microbial communities.
  58. A biogeochemical conundrum: How do metals cross the bacterial outer membrane?
  59. Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance
  60. Floodplain-meadow management in a changing environment
  61. Comparative palaeoecology of marine and terrestrial ecosystems
  62. Understanding life at the limits
  63. Climate change in the Peruvian Amazon: assessing and modelling the role of invertebrates in wood decay and carbon cycling under changing flood dynamics.
  64. Modelling temporal changes in biodiversity as a function of land-use change in Indonesia
  65. 2018/19 Timetables