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  1. Predicting the fate of resistance genes, plasmids and hosts in mixed communities
  2. Costanza Morino
  3. Developing a robust, compact laser-based aerosol sensing system
  4. Next generation winter road maintenance forecasts using data from the Internet of Things
  5. Microbiome mediated resiliency of freshwater habitat
  6. Identifying drivers for antibiotic resistance in river systems
  7. Visibility, air pollution and public health in an African urban context
  8. Hydrological response to agricultural land degradation in the Lesser Himalayas
  9. Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways
  10. Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach
  11. Waking the dead: Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems
  12. Droughts and floods in the boreal; inducing flow reversals and biogeochemical hot spots through catchment scale hydrological manipulations
  13. Catastrophe Modelling of UK Storm Surge Risk
  14. Interactions between river morphology and vegetation using SfM Photogrammetry
  15. Pollinator responses to climate change
  16. The molecular physiology and evolutionary biology of Antarctic insects
  17. Projecting hydroclimatic extremes in the Himalayas for the 21st century
  18. A better understanding of environmental impact through ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and organic geochemistry
  19. Ionometallurgical Processing of Mineral Concentrates
  20. Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS; drones) for mapping vegetation patterns and processes on peatlands.
  21. Practical use of mini and micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the Environmental Sciences