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  1. Costanza Morino
  2. Developing a new near surface low-cost observational capability. The (X-rack)-1 project (inverse X-rack project).
  3. Chasing weather with a state-of-the-art constellation of low cost microwave sensor satellites
  4. There’s something in the air. Developing a new field-deployable capability for ammonia observations.
  5. Next generation winter road maintenance forecasts using data from the Internet of Things
  6. Time travelling as a powerful approach for the screening of biodiversity
  7. Wood burning in the West Midlands: impact on air quality and health
  8. Sustainable management of Agricultural soils: Reducing greenhouse gas emission and enhancing natural fertility
  9. Space-based solutions to air pollution in the UK
  10. Practical use of mini and micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the Environmental Sciences
  11. Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach
  12. Spawning habitat characteristics of lithophilic fish – using experimental approaches to inform river restoration.
  13. Initiating Near REal time Demand response (INRED)
  14. Microbial sunscreens for better life
  15. Assessing the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management at a catchment scale
  16. A better understanding of environmental impact through ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and organic geochemistry
  17. Deadly Climate Hazards Combined: Tropical Cyclones and Deadly Heat
  18. Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems
  19. Process Design for Efficient Metal Extraction from Concentrates
  20. Understanding and mitigating the environmental impacts of metal ore processing wastes produced using “green” solvents
  21. Re-thinking insect adaptation to Antarctica’s extreme environments
  22. The genetic basis of adaptive evolution
  23. Anticipating climate change: understanding impacts on the water environment in a major UK river basin.
  24. Tree mortality and drought: leveraging the power of big data
  25. Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways
  26. Micro- and nanoplastics: the fate and the impact on marine life
  27. Future Climate: Future Pollen and Spores
  28. Accessory minerals as fertility indicators in porphyry copper deposit formation
  29. Advancing the development and application of spatial decision support tools for the sustainable reuse of brownfield land