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  1. Methane and N2O fluxes in temperate forests: reconciling scales and source-sink attribution of powerful greenhouse gases at high temporal resolution (CASE)
  2. Human alteration of the nitrogen cycle: Implications for denitrification and nitrous oxide emission from forest soils
  3. Looking at forest structure and biomass using radar tomography
  4. Does forest structure hold the key to understanding forest carbon uptake?
  5. Temperate forest nitrogen availability, carbon uptake and future climate change
  6. Deciphering the phosphorus cycle in soils: towards an understanding of mineral dissolution by microbially produced organic and inorganic acids
  7. Improved understanding of nitrous oxide “hot-spot” dynamics in upland soils
  8. Air flow through Heterogeneous Woodlands and its role in global CO2 uptake
  9. Droughts and floods in the boreal; inducing flow reversals and biogeochemical hot spots through catchment scale hydrological manipulations
  10. Daniel Haynes
  11. Pushing Boundaries in Ecohydrological Geophysics to Test the Two-Water Worlds Model
  12. Global air quality impact of the interaction between forests and air pollution.
  13. Carbon fluxes along environmental and altitudinal gradients in the Colombian Andes
  14. Building the evidence base for the environmental benefits of urban trees with citizen science
  15. Hot stuff? Evaluating the human exposure hazard presented by land contaminated with organic flame retardants
  16. Total Atmospheric Emissions from the Biosphere
  17. Nicolai Brekenfeld
  18. Establishing an palaeoenvironmental context for the Middle to Later Stone Age transition in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  19. Pollinator responses to climate change
  20. Drought Sensitivity of Terrestrial Ecosystems in Europe and North America
  21. A better understanding of environmental impact through ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and organic geochemistry
  22. Microplastic Contamination: Environmental Impact in Terrestrial Ecosystems
  23. Assessing the deforestation pressure of oil palm expansion in the Brazilian Amazon: the role of smallholder production and prioritization of deforested areas for cultivation
  24. Sarah Cook
  25. Tom Potter
  26. Emma Johnstone
  27. Berivan Esen
  28. Vlad-Victor Ene
  29. Resilience to change in a fast-changing environment: vegetation productivity in the high Arctic
  30. Direct insights into drivers of palaeohydrological change in southern Africa, as revealed by leaf wax D analysis of rock hyrax middens
  31. Waking the dead: Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems
  32. Bringing back the ashes – overcoming ash dieback disease in the UK
  33. High Resolution Thermal Imaging for Earth Observation
  34. Palaeohydrology of the Neotropical Andes and the Amazon basin
  35. Evolution of Late Palaeozoic Floodplains
  36. Interactions between river morphology and vegetation using SfM Photogrammetry
  37. Metabolome, transcriptome and genome profiling to identify rhizo-ecological dynamics
  38. Completing the siliceous ecology puzzle: can we fill in the missing piece of wood?
  39. Enabling wildtype behavioural ecology in captive parrot species
  40. Can urban air quality be improved through the use of plant associated bacteria?
  41. Uncovering the links between agricultural trace gas emissions and crop productivity
  42. Disentangling the synergistic effects of habitat loss, climate change, and invasive species on biodiversity: an holistic approach to global environmental change research