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  1. Uncovering the links between agricultural trace gas emissions and crop productivity
  2. Improved understanding of nitrous oxide “hot-spot” dynamics in upland soils
  3. Climatic consequences of geologically realistic methane emissions from large igneous provinces
  4. Methane and N2O fluxes in temperate forests: reconciling scales and source-sink attribution of powerful greenhouse gases at high temporal resolution (CASE)
  5. Investigating the trace gas emissions of biomass burning in the Earth system
  6. Total Atmospheric Emissions from the Biosphere
  7. Detection of Small Emission Sources from Space
  8. Multi-scale remote sensing of high latitude dust
  9. Human alteration of the nitrogen cycle: Implications for denitrification and nitrous oxide emission from forest soils
  10. Vasileios Matthaios
  11. Antonio Giovanni Bruno
  12. Andrew McIntyre
  13. Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways
  14. Carbon fluxes along environmental and altitudinal gradients in the Colombian Andes
  15. Dust fluxes in the high latitudes: quantification and drivers
  16. Climate or tectonics as the dominant driver of global climate and ocean circulation patterns in ancient high-CO2 worlds?
  17. Assessment of ClNO2 as a missing oxidant in the UK atmosphere
  18. Modelling the physical and chemical evolution of pollutants in the complex urban environment.
  19. Hot stuff? Evaluating the human exposure hazard presented by land contaminated with organic flame retardants
  20. Dr James Bendle
  21. Andrew Tongue
  22. Emma Johnstone
  23. Aleksandra Kulawska
  24. Nicola Kirby
  25. Genetic Dark Matter? Functional characterization of a non-coding RNA regulation of microbial metabolism of climate active trace gases.
  26. Reconstruction of glacial-interglacial monsoon hydroclimate variability (CASE)
  27. Organic Geochemical Reconstructions of the Indian Summer Monsoon
  28. Geological drivers of the Asian monsoon
  29. Onset of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the oceanographic isolation of Antarctica
  30. Catastrophe Modelling of UK Storm Surge Risk
  31. Post-fire dunefield ecological recovery
  32. Can urban air quality be improved through the use of plant associated bacteria?
  33. Degradation of plastics: the chemistry and solutions
  34. Iodine volatilisation from the ocean
  35. Assessing the deforestation pressure of oil palm expansion in the Brazilian Amazon: the role of smallholder production and prioritization of deforested areas for cultivation
  36. Air flow through Heterogeneous Woodlands and its role in global CO2 uptake
  37. Does forest structure hold the key to understanding forest carbon uptake?
  38. Temperate forest nitrogen availability, carbon uptake and future climate change
  39. Efficient and sustainable use of floodplains for enhanced productivity