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  1. Downstream dispersal and transfer of macroplastics in river systems: a travel distance approach
  2. Elucidating the transmission and persistence of antimicrobial resistance genes in the Thames watershed
  3. Towards improved weather forecasting: the retrieval of temperature and cloud properties from IASI using new carbon dioxide spectroscopic line parameters
  4. The effects of minor intrusions on host rock properties: Testing alternative models for heat transfer from magma to host.
  5. Chasing weather with a state-of-the-art constellation of low cost microwave sensor satellites
  6. Microplastics as conduits of flame retardants in birds feeding on landfills
  7. Correlative microscopic analysis of uptake, localisation and transformations of nanoscale particles in freshwater foodwebs
  8. Slawomir Michniewski
  9. Development of a comprehensive framework of experimental and computational methods to determine the fate and transport of hazardous substances in the environment
  10. Transport, fate and aquatic ecological impact of airport de-icers: a collaborative research project with Heathrow Airport
  11. What can hydrocarbon fingerprints tell us about fracking in organic-rich shales?
  12. River temperature under change: understanding potential of riparian forest and landscape properties for climate adaptation
  13. Eleni Wood
  14. Jess Palmer
  15. Sarah Twohig
  16. Amy Newman
  17. Katherine Ascott
  18. Stacy Phillips
  19. Alastair Hodgetts
  20. James Delaney
  21. Chris Stockey
  22. Letizia Pondini
  23. Digital field mapping and modelling: using emerging technologies to reduce uncertainty in geological models
  24. High Resolution Thermal Imaging Data for Earth Observation Research and Services
  25. Chasing convective storm evolution with swarms of space-borne Ka-band radars
  26. Developing a long-term merged all-sky surface temperature record for evaluation and application in climate models
  27. From the Colorado Plateau to beyond Earth: using magmatic intrusions into sulphate-rich sediments as analogue for planetary habitable environments
  28. Making the most of K-feldspar: development of in-situ K-Ca dating and isotopic fingerprinting of upper crustal processes
  29. Greener Aircraft: Enhanced combustion of second-generation biofuels
  30. Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance
  31. There’s something in the air. Developing a new field-deployable capability for ammonia observations.
  32. Spawning habitat characteristics of lithophilic fish – using experimental approaches to inform river restoration.
  33. Impact of sand dams on local aquifers in Kenya
  34. Microbial communities cycling organic sulfur compounds in Arctic sea ice
  35. Next Generation LA-ICP-MS Geoscience
  36. The Environmental Impact of Plastic Pollution
  37. Plant-mycorrhizal associations and response to global change in a species-rich calcareous grassland
  38. How to balance the design of multi-functional cities with flood resilience
  39. Natural Capital and its role in improving rural land planning and management at different spatial scales
  40. Machine Learning In Biostratigraphy
  41. Evolutionary consequences of sexual mode switches on gene expression.
  42. Tectonomagmatic formation of Earth’s first continents, the Slaufrudalur Pluton, SE Iceland
  43. Climate change in the Peruvian Amazon: assessing and modelling the role of invertebrates in wood decay and carbon cycling under changing flood dynamics.
  44. Carbon Down the Drain: Controls on DOC production and transport in oil palm plantations and forests on tropical peatland
  45. Drivers of marine ecosystem change during an ancient abrupt global warming event
  46. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Extensive Agriculture in the Indio-Gangetic Plain
  47. The elusive BVOC: mapping atmospheric isoprene from space
  48. High Resolution Thermal Imaging Data at the forefront of Earth Observation Research and Services
  49. Solar energy input from the Earth’s magnetosphere to its atmosphere
  50. Leaf chemistry response to elevated CO­2: decomposition and nutrient cycle impacts
  51. Micro- and nanoplastics: the fate and the impact on marine life
  52. Wood burning in the West Midlands: impact on air quality and health
  53. Sustainable management of Agricultural soils: Reducing greenhouse gas emission and enhancing natural fertility
  54. Advancing the development and application of spatial decision support tools for the sustainable reuse of brownfield land