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  1. How to balance the design of multi-functional cities with flood resilience
  2. Enhancing peatland resilience to wildfire through peatland habitat restoration; building the evidence base.
  3. Can we develop tools for securing Lawtonian landscape resilience?
  4. River ecosystem resilience to changing flow regimes
  5. Resilience to change in a fast-changing environment: vegetation productivity in the high Arctic
  6. Analysis of sediment DNA (sedDNA) to understand ecosystem resilience in microbial communities.
  7. Katy Faulkner
  8. Development of a comprehensive framework of experimental and computational methods to determine the fate and transport of hazardous substances in the environment
  9. Microbial sunscreens for better life
  10. Floodplain-meadow management in a changing environment
  11. Melanie Stone
  12. Michael Walz
  13. Emma Johnstone
  14. Susie Goodall
  15. Natural Capital and its role in improving rural land planning and management at different spatial scales
  16. River temperature under change: understanding potential of riparian forest and landscape properties for climate adaptation
  17. Time travelling as a powerful approach for the screening of biodiversity
  18. Assessing and forecasting risks of intense rainfall induced natural hazards on infrastructure networks
  19. Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system.
  20. Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems
  21. Linking impacts of climate change on snow and water resources
  22. Efficient and sustainable use of floodplains for enhanced productivity