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  1. Establishing an palaeoenvironmental context for the Middle to Later Stone Age transition in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  2. Palaeohydrology of the Neotropical Andes and the Amazon basin
  3. Direct insights into drivers of palaeohydrological change in southern Africa, as revealed by leaf wax D analysis of rock hyrax middens
  4. Deciphering the phosphorus cycle in soils: towards an understanding of mineral dissolution by microbially produced organic and inorganic acids
  5. Pushing Boundaries in Ecohydrological Geophysics to Test the Two-Water Worlds Model
  6. Onset of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the oceanographic isolation of Antarctica
  7. Regulation of the tropical ocean by the polar ocean in a warm climate
  8. Climate or tectonics as the dominant driver of global climate and ocean circulation patterns in ancient high-CO2 worlds?
  9. Droughts and floods in the boreal; inducing flow reversals and biogeochemical hot spots through catchment scale hydrological manipulations
  10. Dr James Bendle
  11. David Cavell
  12. Kate Ashley
  13. Degradation of synthetic chemicals in water-sediment systems
  14. Metabolic and electrical interactions in natural and synthetic cyanobacterial mats
  15. Organic Geochemical Reconstructions of the Indian Summer Monsoon
  16. History of vegetation and aridity: linking climate, tectonics and monsoon evolution
  17. Evolution of Late Palaeozoic Floodplains
  18. Accessory minerals as fertility indicators in porphyry copper deposit formation
  19. Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system.
  20. Stripping the molecular basis of marine microbial interactions
  21. Plant-mycorrhizal associations and response to global change in a species-rich calcareous grassland
  22. Human alteration of the nitrogen cycle: Implications for denitrification and nitrous oxide emission from forest soils