Anthropogenic Impacts and Environmental Sustainability

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Impact of elevated CO2 on UK forests; changes to the phyllosphere and metabolome University of Warwick Murray Grant/Hendrik Schäfer/Lijiang Song/Rob Mackenzie Tree health, Phyllosphere, Metabolome, Carbon sequestration, Disease, Climate Change
Understanding Methodological Constraints and Organic Carbon Quality Control of Denitrification and N2O emissions from Mature and Restored Forest Soils University of Birmingham Dr Sami Ullah/Prof. Stefan Krause/Dr Nick Kettridge/Dr Laura Cardenas/Dr Swanne Gontharet Forest soils, denitrification, coupled nitrogen-carbon cycling, functional restoration, greenhouse gas emission
Cleansing of fine-grained sediment (FGS) from polluted gravel-bed rivers under conditions of reduced sediment supply. University of Leicester Dr. Mark Powell/Professor Stephen Rice fine grained sediment pollution, river restoration, flume experimentation, sediment transport
Catastrophe Modelling of UK Storm Surge Risk Loughborough University John Hillier/Dapeng Yu/Gregor Leckebusch/Martin Widmann Socio-economic risk, resilience, climate variability, environmental hazards
Nano-pollutants – Big Impact? Investigating the Ecotoxicological Effects of Nanomaterials in our Oceans University of Warwick Gemma-Louise Davies/Joseph A. Christie-Oleza Nanomaterials, Marine ecology, Microbial communities, Metagenomics, Metaproteomics
Mind the Gap: microbe-microplastic interactions University of Warwick Dr. Marco Polin/Dr. Joseph Christie Oleza
CITY-BUGS: is the urban microbiome distinct in diversity and functional potential? University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer/Prof. Gary Bending Sustainable cities, Microbial diversity, Pollutants, Phyllosphere, Built environment, Soil
Microbial warfare in the rhizosphere: the role of secreted peptides in the root zone University of Warwick Professor Elizabeth Wellington/Dr Lijiang Song/Professor Peter Hawkey ecology of antibiotic production, natural microbiomes, Chlorine activation, biocontrol
Plant-microbe interactions in the phyllosphere: response to hydrological change in a calcareous grassland The Open University Kadmiel Maseyk/Hendrik Schäfer/Karen Olsson-Francis/David Gowing, climate change experiment, drought, ecosystem function
Dawn of the Plasticene: Using satellites to monitor plastics in the world’s oceans The Open University Dr Armando Marino/Dr Carl Boardman/Dr Marc Pradas, Remote-sensing, pollution, ocean, plastic
Upcycling of food waste into high-value peptides through catalysis and targeted removal The Open University Dr Nicholas Turner/Dr Simon Collinson Food waste, agricultural waste, Upcycling, Molecular Imprinting, Peptide Extraction, Catalysis
Can the Pliocene Antarctic ice sheet help us improve predictions of sea level rise? The Open University Tamsin Edwards/Lauren Gregoire/Neil Edwards/Mark Brandon Sea level rise, Antarctica, palaeoclimate, Field observations
Development of a new technique to measure the total non-methane carbon in the atmosp University of Leicester Prof. Paul Monks/Prof. Andrew Ellis/Dr. Bill Bloss/Dr. Chris Mayhew Hydrocarbons, Chemistry, New techniques, Instrumentation, Fieldwork
Ionometallurgical Processing of Mineral Concentrates University of Leicester Prof Andrew Abbott/Dr Gawen RT Jenkin/Dr Daniel Smith Mineral Resources
What can hydrocarbon fingerprints tell us about fracking in organic-rich shales? University of Leicester Prof Sarah Davies/Prof Sarah Davies/Dr Rob Cuss/Dr Jon Harrington Geomechanics, Hydrocarbons, Sedimentology, Chemistry, Organic carbon
Modelling wintertime atmospheric chemistry from aircraft campaigns over the Western Atlantic Ocean University of Leicester Zoë Fleming/Roberto Sommariva/Paul Monks Marine-atmosphere interactions, Atmospheric chemistry modelling, Aircraft campaign
What are the atmospheric sources of nitrous acid? University of Leicester Dr Stephen Ball/Prof Paul Monks Air pollution, Atmospheric oxidising capacity, Fieldwork, Analytical instrumentation
Epigenetic effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on the important pollinator, the buff tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris. University of Leicester Eamonn Mallon/Ezio Rosato Epigenetics, Pollinators
Long-term life cycle assessment of waste management practices for biogenic carbon The Open University Dr Carl Boardman/Dr Stephen Burnley Life cycle assessment, carbon sequestration, recycling, waste
Sex-biased processes and the population structure and conservation of great ape species University of Leicester Prof Mark A Jobling, Dr Celia A May, Dr Jon H Wetton Great apes, Y chromosome, mtDNA, genomics, population structure, evolution, conservation
Mapping insect damage in Finnish forests using remotely sensed imagery University of Leicester Kirsten Barrett, Heiko Balzter, Mikko Peltoniemi, Seppo Neuvonen forest health, insect damage, disturbance, mapping, remote sensing, Boreal forests
Earth Observation and Modelling of Ecosystem Services in the Welland River Catchment University of Leicester Prof. Heiko Balzter, Dr. Mick Whelan, Dr. Laurence Jones, Prof. David Harper Ecosystem Services, Earth Observation, Catchment Research
Tropical lake ecosystems in the Anthropocene: quantifying recent human impacts on aquatic biodiversity and biogeochemical cycling Loughborough University Dr David Ryves/Prof John Anderson/Dr Keely Mills Uganda, tropical lake, biodiversity, nutrient dynamics, limnology, palaeolimnology
Invasive alien carnivorous plants: ecology, function and management of the purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) in Europe Loughborough University Dr Jonathan Millett/Dr Kevin Walker/Dr Simon Smart/Prof. Aaron Ellison/Prof Paul Wood non-native species, alien invasive species, carnivorous plants, pitcher plants, Sarracenia
Does vegetation increase the coastal defence function of sand dunes? Loughborough University sand dunes, coastal flooding, ecosystem services
The impact of climate change on offshore wind power generation Loughborough University Simon Watson/Ignacio Marti Wind power, climate change, remote sensing, measurement, modelling
Understanding the global sources and sinks of atmospheric carbonyl sulphide (OCS) University of Leicester Dr Jeremy Harrison/Prof Martyn Chipperfield/Prof John Remedios Greenhouse gas, carbonyl sulfide, Earth observation, atmospheric modelling, spectroscopy
Do we understand the global water cycle? Applying novel EO methods to diagnose the processes controlling the global water cycle University of Leicester Dr Hartmut Boesch/Dr Alessandro Battaglia/Prof. Manuel Gloor/Dr Julia Tindall/Dr Matthias Schneider global water cycle, water isotopes, Earth observation, general circulation models
Modelling the physical and chemical evolution of pollutants in the complex urban environment University of Leicester Prof. Roland Leigh/Prof. Paul Monks/James Eddy Computational Fluid Dynamics, Air Quality, dispersion, modelling
Uncovering the links between agricultural trace gas emissions and crop productivity University of Leicester Hartmut Boesch/Joerg Kaduk/Paul Monks Greenhouse emissions, Sustainable agriculture, land surface models
Diabatic effects of clouds and precipitation over the Atlantic Ocean University of Leicester Dr Alessandro Battaglia/Dr Michael Barkley/Prof Richard Allan cloud and precipitation, Atlantic Climate System, diabatic effects
Pollution hunting in the Persian Gulf University of Leicester Dr Michael Barkley/Dr Hartmut Boesch Air quality, Persian Gulf, chemistry transport modelling, satellite observations
Climatic Impacts of Conventional and Nuclear Conflicts University of Leicester Dr Michael Barkley/Dr Hartmut Boesch Climate modelling, nuclear conflicts, nuclear winter, climate response
Solar cycle variations in ionospheric Joule heating University of Leicester Prof Steve Milan/Dr Suzie Imber Solar-terrestrial physics, atmospheric physics, Joule heating, Natural hazards
Developing a robust, compact laser-based aerosol sensing system University of Leicester Dr. Joshua Vande Hey/Dr. Hartmut Boesch lidar, laser sensing, aerosols, particulate matter, air pollution, human health, climate
Novel green approaches to processing sulfosalt minerals – electrochemistry in ionic liquids University of Leicester Dr Gawen RT Jenkin/Prof Andrew Abbott/Dr Daniel Smith/Dr Christopher Stanley Mineral Resources
Low Carbon Lettuce: Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from intensive agriculture on lowland peatland University of Leicester Dr Jörg Kaduk/Prof Susan Page/Prof Chris Evans Ecosystem Greenhouse gas exchange, emission factors, eddy covariance
Climate change impacts on subsistence agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa – an exploration using data assimilation with the JULES land surface model University of Leicester Dr Joerg Kaduk/Dr Darren Ghent Climate change impacts, sub Saharan Africa, food security
Project title: Forecasting species persistence to future global change by learning from past evolutionary dynamics University of Birmingham Dr Luisa Orsini, Prof James Brown, Prof Mark Viant, Prof John K. Colbourne, Dr Shan He eutrophication, climate change, evolution, aquatic ecosystems, system biology, multiomics, keystone species, Daphnia
Resurrecting ghost ponds to fight loss of aquatic biodiversity University of Birmingham Dr Luisa Orsini, Dr Carl Sayer biodiversity, freshwater, human impact, Restoration, conservation, keystone species, Daphnia
Future changes of tropical cyclones in East Asia and potential adaptation measures University of Birmingham Dr GC Leckebusch, Dr M Widmann East Asian tropical cyclones, climate projections, climate change, adaptation
Predicting the fate of resistance genes, plasmids and hosts in mixed communities University of Birmingham Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft/Prof Elizabeth Wellington Individual-based modelling, Plasmid transfer, Fitness cost, Antimicrobial resistance
Hot in the City: How does urban heat island effect influence activity budgets of birds? University of Birmingham Citizen Science, energetics, food supplementation, reproduction, roosting, urban gradients
Air flow through small heterogeneous woodlands and its role in CO2 exchange University of Birmingham Xiaoming Cai/Rob MacKenzie/Rick Thomas woodland, forest canopy turbulence, CO2 exchange, CFD, LES modelling, BIFoR FACE
Microplastics as conduits of flame retardants in birds feeding on landfills University of Birmingham Dr Mohamed Abdallah/Dr S. James Reynolds/Dr Kim Fernie Bioindicators, Biomonitoring, Gulls (Laridae), Microplastics, Persistent organic pollutants (POPs), Waste
Hot stuff? Evaluating the human exposure hazard presented by land contaminated with organic flame retardants University of Birmingham Professor Stuart Harrad/Dr Mohamed Abdallah/Dr Christopher Vane/Dr Mark Cave, BGS Chemical contaminants, Pollution, Soil, Human exposure assessment, in vitro techniques
Circular economy thinking: maximising opportunities for energy generation from refuse-derived waste (RDF) University of Birmingham Prof. Iseult Lynch/Dr. Julian Clark waste, calorific value, metal content, nanoscale structures, environmental impact and toxicity
Old growth, new carbon: The aboveground carbon-allocation response of mature broadleaf trees to elevated carbon dioxide University of Birmingham Prof. Rob MacKenzie/Dr Kadmiel Maseyk/Dr. Rick Thomas free-air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE), Climate Change, forest ecology, carbon cycle
Isoprene secondary organic aerosol in a changing world University of Birmingham Eloïse A. Marais/Roy Harrison isoprene, sulfate, secondary organic aerosol, GEOS-Chem, Earth observations
Future climate – Future forests: Gas and particle measurement in a CO2 enriched forest University of Birmingham Dr Francis Pope/Prof. Rob MacKenzie Climate Change, forest, trees, FACE, enhanced CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC), aerosol
Death and the carbon cycle: Hydraulic failure and recovery of trees under climate change University of Birmingham Dr Tom Pugh/Dr Jeremy Pritchard/Prof. Rob MacKenzie forest mortality, drought, Climate Change, carbon cycle, water cycle
Nutrient limitation in forests: less carbon sequestration, faster global warming in the future? University of Birmingham Zongbo Shi/Rebecca Bartlett/ Iain Hartley/Liz Hamilton nitrogen cycling, phosphorus cycling, free air carbon dioxide experiment, climate change
Brain-on-a-chip: an array to study nanoparticle-brain interactions University of Birmingham Prof Éva Valsami-Jones/Prof Iseult Lynch/Dr. Sandra Wilson on-a-chip array, nanoparticles, Alzheimer’s disease
On-a-chip arrays to assess nanomaterial reactivity University of Birmingham Prof Éva Valsami-Jones/Prof Iseult Lynch/Dr. Fiona Pereira/Dr. Laurent Barbe on-a-chip array, nanomaterial, toxicity, solubility, reactivity
Thermal dynamics of the River Danube: long-term responses to environmental change University of Birmingham Chris Bradley/David Hannah
Anticipating and adapting to climate change: understanding impacts on the water environment in a major UK river basin University of Birmingham David Hannah/Christel Prudhomme/Mike Hutchins/Glenn Watts/Stefan Krause Climate Change, UK water environment, water policy, hydroclimatology, hydroecology
Biome under attack! Understanding the processes behind Boreal landscape disturbances University of Birmingham Dr Nick Kettridge/Dr Stefan Krause/Dr Sami Ullah/Dr Nick Kettridge, Dr Stefan Krause, Dr Sami Ullah - University of Birmingham,, Prof. Kevin Devito/Prof. Kevin Bishop/Prof. Hjalmar Laudon Hydrology, Ecology, Climate Change, Boreal forests
Impact of extreme climatic events on freshwater food webs University of Birmingham Dr. Mark Ledger/Professor Alexander Milner Climate Change, Ecology, Water
Hydrological and biogeochemical dynamics of headwater wetlands of the Yukon River, Denali National Park, Alaska University of Birmingham Professor Alexander Milner/Dr. Chris Bradley Climate Change, DOC, biogeochemistry