Dynamic Earth

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Integrating trace element and automated mineralogical analysis University of Leicester Dan Smith, Tom Knott, Gawen Jenkin & Andrew Menzies
Changing extremes at the extremes: how will climate change impact hydroclimatic extremes in the Himalayas? University of Birmingham M. Widmann, Barrand, Larsen, Sanjay & Singh
Global River Networks Based on Remote Sensing Imagery and Hydrodynamic Modelling Loughborough University Prof Qiuhua Liang, Dr Huili Chen, Dr Jiaheng Zhao & Dr Xilin Xia
Carbon emissions from the Karoo-Ferrar large igneous province University of Birmingham Sarah Greene, Stephen Jones, Micha Ruhl & Aisha Al-Suwaidi
A Global Assessment of Future Risk for Glacier-Related Hazards University of Birmingham Dr N.E. Barrand, Dr J. Larsen, Prof. D.M. Hannah, Dr Jonathan Mackay & Prof. R. Moore
Global carbon cycle feedbacks from massive volcanism University of Birmingham Sarah Greene & Stephen Jones
Dispersion modelling in turbulent canopies using filtering and data assimilation Loughborough University Prof. Chris Keylock & Dr. Omduth Coceal
Digital twins for natural flood management Loughborough University Dr Jiaheng Zhao, Prof Qiuhua Liang, Dr Xilin Xia & Dr Alex Nicholson
Eyes in the Sky on the Volatile Soup of Air Pollution Down Below University of Leicester Dr Eloise A Marais & Prof Paul Palmer
How does the geomorphology and biogeochemistry of rivers interact to influence the carbon cycle? University of Birmingham Greg Sambrook Smith, Vincent Gauci & Mark Ledger
A hidden record of early animal evolution? Exploring the Cambrian diversity of acritarchs and small carbonaceous fossils University of Leicester Dr Tom Harvey, Prof. Mark Williams, Dr Brian Pedder, Prof. Sören Jensen & Prof. Teodoro Palacios
The early Palaeozoic evolution of Vietnam University of Leicester Tom Harvey, Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewicz, Toshifumi Komatsu, Giles Miller, Hung Doan Dinh Hung & Nguyen Duc Phong
Microfaunal response to Early Jurassic climate cyclicity following the late Triassic mass extinction. University of Birmingham Ian Boomer, Kirsty Edgar, Philip Copestake & Rob Raine
The effect of the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) extreme environmental change on insects The Open University Angela Coe, Bryony Caswell, Scott Hayward & Luke Mander
Rifting to continental breakup: Comparing the tectonic evolution of the Porcupine Basin and Rockall Trough with Breakup west of Spain University of Birmingham Tim Reston, University of Birmingham, t.j.reston@bham.ac.uk Steve Jones, University of Birmingham, s.jones4@bham.ac.uk
Unravelling the mysteries of plate tectonics University of Birmingham Marco Maffione, Alan Hastie, Douwe van Hinsbergen & Carl Guilmette
Multi-scale environmental remote sensing for understanding dust in the high latitudes Loughborough University Dr Matthew Baddock, Loughborough University, m.c.baddock@lboro.ac.uk Prof. Joanna Bullard, Loughborough University, j.e.bullard@lboro.ac.uk
Dune worlds: novel geospatial approaches applied to Earth and Martian sand seas Loughborough University Dr Matthew Baddock, Loughborough, Dr John Hillier, Loughborough & Dr Matt Balme, Open University
Tectonomagmatic formation of Earth’s first continents, the Slaufrudalur Pluton, SE Iceland University of Birmingham Alan Hastie, CArl Stevenson, Craig Storey, Geoff Bromiley, Richard White & Thor Thordarson
Arctic-sourced mineral dust fluxes: quantification, drivers and impacts Loughborough University Prof. Joanna Bullard, Dr. Matt Baddock
Sedimentation patterns in the tropics during the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) period of extreme environmental change The Open University Angela Coe, Luke Mander & David Kemp
Indian Summer Monsoon variability in response to Pliocene climate The Open University Pallavi Anand, Marcus Badger, Oscar Romero & Kate Littler
How do shear zones record geological time? The Open University Dr Clare Warren, Dr Barbara Kunz, Dr Alison Halton,
Constraining mantle and crustal contributions to the Cretaceous Antarctic Peninsula Arc University of Leicester Dr Tiffany Barry, Drs Dan Smith, Phil Leat, John Smellie, Dr Alan Hastie & Dr Teal Riley
Eruption source vents and subsidence patterns in exhumed caldera volcanoes, English Lake District University of Leicester Prof. Mike Branney, Professor Jan Zalasiewicz and Dr Tiffany Barry
Investigating controls on vegetation distribution in desert dune fields to better understand dune stability and migration. University of Leicester Dr Sue McLaren, Dr Joerg Kaduk, Dr Andrew Bradley & Prof. Ahmed Al Dughairi
Geomagnetically Induced Currents generated by Space Weather Events University of Leicester Dr. Suzie Imber, Dr. Darren Wright & Prof. Steve Milan
The relationship between magma-reservoir evolution and volcano collapse: short- and long-timescale magmatic processes at Montserrat, Ritter and Anak Krakatau University of Birmingham Sebastian Watt, Victoria Smith, Chiara Petrone, Katrin Huhn, Steffen Kutterolf & Alan Hastie
New North Atlantic Palaeo-Temperature Reconstruction from Terrestrial Sedimentary Archives: Implications for the Influence of the Icelandic Plume on Oceanic Circulation and Climate. University of Birmingham Dr Stephen M Jones, Dr Rob Raine, Dr Thomas Denk & Dr James Bendle
Changes to the global carbon cycle during middle Miocene Climate Transition The Open University Marcus Badger & Angela Coe
How, when and what do geochronometers record in deformed metamorphic rocks? The Open University Dr Clare Warren, Dr Nick Roberts, Dr Barbara Kunz & Dr Tom Argles
Low temperature, rare earth element (REE) minerals in the Welsh Basin: applying micro-analytical techniques to the study of monazite formation University of Leicester Prof. Jan Zalasiewicz, Drs Tiffany Barry, Phil Wilby, Prof. Jane Evans & Dan Condon
Transport infrastructure networks in a dynamic climate: evaluating resilience - TINDER Loughborough University Dr Tom Dijkstra, Prof. Mohammed Quddus, Dr Xilin Xia, Prof Roger Moore, Prof Paul Chinowsky & Dr Jon Chambers
Next Generation LA-ICP-MS Geoscience Loughborough University Dr. Amy Managh, Dr. Matthew Horstwood, Dr. David Douglas, Dr. Phil Shaw & Dr. Jim Reynolds
Are Rockets the Next Air Pollution Frontier? University of Leicester Dr Eloise A Marais & Prof Richard M Ambrosi
Fertility of subduction and post subduction magmatism associated with porphyry- and epithermal-Cu-Au mineralisation in the Aegean using zircon geochronology and geochemistry British Geological Survey Jonathan Naden, Simon Tapster, Dan Smith & Andrew Miles