Dynamic Earth

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Organic Geochemical Reconstructions of the Indian Summer Monsoon The Open University Marcus Badger/Pallavi Anand/Kate Littler/Robert Sparkes paleoclimate, monsoon, IODP, organic geochemistry
Tightening time: developing trace element fingerprinting to link metamorphic age to stage The Open University Clare Warren/Tom Argles, Sam Hammond geochronology, geochemistry, metamorphic geology
Plio-Pleistocene history of vegetation and aridity: linking climate, tectonics and monsoon evolution The Open University Luke Mander/Pallavi Anand/Shonil Bhagwat/Kate Littler/Claire Belcher/Marci Robinson palaeoclimate, pollen and charcoal, monsoon, ocean drilling, IODP Expedition 353
Glacier meltwater-tidal water interaction in Jökulsárlón, Iceland. The Open University Mark Brandon/Tamsin Edwards/Richard Hodgkins oceanography, glacier, numerical modelling, Iceland
Stable isotope records of Espeletia plants from the high Andes University of Leicester Arnoud Boom, Andrew Carr, Catalina Gonzalez Arango hydrology, isotopes, Colombia, mass spectrometry, climate, tree rings, paramo
Leaf waxes and late Quaternary hydrological records from the Neotropical Andes University of Leicester Arnoud Boom, Juan Carlos Berrio Hydrology, biomarkers, isotopes, Deuterium, Colombia, mass spectrometry, climate
Developing an environmental and landscape context for Stone Age occupation of the southern African Highveld Interior University of Leicester Dr Andrew Carr, Professor Marlize Lombard, Dr Gerrit Dusseldorp South Africa, pan, playa, luminescence dating, geochronology, archaeology, human evolution
New insights into the Quaternary palaeohydrology of southern Africa: high-resolution leaf wax deltaD analysis of rock hyrax middens University of Leicester Andrew Carr, Arnoud Boom, Brian Chase Palaeoclimate, Palaeoecology, hydrology, biomarker, isotope, Africa
Cleansing of fine-grained sediment (FGS) from polluted gravel-bed rivers under conditions of reduced sediment supply. University of Leicester Dr. Mark Powell/Professor Stephen Rice fine grained sediment pollution, river restoration, flume experimentation, sediment transport
Understanding geomorphic response to hydrological events: filling the data gaps Loughborough University Dr David Graham/Dr Rene Wackrow/Dr Helen Reid/Dr Roberto Martinez unmanned aircraft, flooding, river sediment, structure-from-motion photogrammetry
Ice-mass dynamics and evolution on the Svalbard Archipelago since the last glaciation Loughborough University Dr Jeffrey Evans/Dr David Ryves/Dr Riko Noormets Barents Sea Ice Sheet, ice-dynamics and evolution, glacial landforms, microfossils, Neoglacial
Optimising Natural Flood Management: How should we manage our rural landscape to mitigate downstream flood risk? Loughborough University Dr Ian Pattison/Dr Tim Marjoribanks Natural Flood Management, Catchment Scale, Hydrological modelling
Catastrophe Modelling of UK Storm Surge Risk Loughborough University John Hillier/Dapeng Yu/Gregor Leckebusch/Martin Widmann Socio-economic risk, resilience, climate variability, environmental hazards
Evaluating the impact of vegetation characteristics on river channel morphology using SfM photogrammetry Loughborough University Dr Rene Wackrow/Dr Ian Pattison Braided rivers, vegetation, SfM Photogrammetry
Earth, winds, clouds and mountains: all scale atmospheric model developments. Loughborough University Dr Joanna Szmelter/Professor Graham Hargrave geophysical flows, turbulence, unstructured meshes, high resolution computer simulations
Ocean circulation on a ‘greenhouse’ Earth with no large ice sheets The Open University Philip Sexton/Pallavi Anand/Neil Edwards Eocene, palaeoceanogaphy, ocean circulation, neodymium isotopes
Climate and carbon cycle instability during extreme ‘greenhouse’ warmth The Open University Philip Sexton/Pallavi Anand/Kirsty Edgar eocene, Climate Change, hyperthermals, carbon cycle
Cooling and hydrothermal history of Rochechouart Impact Crater The Open University Susanne P. Schwenzer/ Sarah C. Sherlock/ Simon P. Kelley/ Alison Halton Impact cratering, mineralization, water-rock interaction, Ar-Ar dating
Manicouagan Impact Crater: hydrothermal mineralogy and cooling history The Open University Susanne P. Schwenzer/Sarah C. Sherlock/Simon P. Kelley/Alison Halton Impact cratering, mineralization, water-rock interaction, Ar-Ar dating
Hazardous explosive eruptions at a flooded caldera volcano, Philippines University of Leicester Prof Michael Branney/Dr Dan Smith/Dr Tiffany Barry Physical volcanology, geology, explosive eruptions, fieldwork, phreatomagmatism, geohazards
Bayesian borehole interpretation methods and their potential application in complex reservoir formations University of Leicester Max Moorkamp/Mike Lovell/Tim Pritchard petrophysics, integrated analysis, Bayesian methods
Structural and experimental investigation of high-temperature, rapid ductile deformation of tuffs at explosive volcanoes University of Leicester Prof. Mike Branney/Dr David Holwell/Prof. Yan Lavallee shear-rate, polyphase folding, volcano, super-eruption, mapping, deformation experiment
Picture Gorge Basalts, Columbia River large igneous province; the missing link in determining the timing of the most voluminous phase of Miocene volcanism University of Leicester Dr. T. Barry/Dr. S. Sherlock/Dr Marc Reichow Ar-Ar dating, geochemistry, large igneous province
Crustal controls on craton-margin magmatic ore deposits: insights from south eastern Africa University of Leicester Dr Dave Holwell/Dr Richard Walker/Dr Tiff Barry Mineralisation, Ni-Cu-PGE, sulfides, geochemistry
Evolution of Late Palaeozoic Floodplains University of Leicester Professor Sarah Davies/Dr Tom Harvey/Dr Carys Bennett/Dr Tim Kearsey/Professor John Marshall Floodplain, Carboniferous, terrestrialisation, palaeosol, sedimentology
Volcanic hazards in the Mexico City region: probing a 500,000 year record of diverse eruptions from a lacustrine succession University of Birmingham Sebastian Watt/Victoria Smith/Mike Branney volcanic eruption records, Mexico, tephra, explosive eruption, hazards
Development and application of novel palaeoclimate proxies based on 3-hydroxy fatty acids University of Birmingham Dr James Bendle/Dr Rob Griffiths/Prof. Xie Palaeoclimate, biomarkers, bacteria
Deciphering carbon and climate system interactions across abrupt global warming events in past high-CO2 worlds University of Birmingham Dr Kirsty Edgar/Dr Philip Sexton/Dr Tom Dunkley Jones/Dr Marcus Badger Eocene, Global warming, Stable isotopes, Foraminifera
Climatic consequences of geologically realistic methane emissions from large igneous provinces University of Birmingham Stephen Jones/Tom Dunkley Jones Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, North Atlantic Igneous Province, Global Climate Modelling, Carbon Cycle
Network analysis of fault and fractures above serpentinized mantle west of Spain: implications for fluid flow University of Birmingham Tim Reston/Stephen Jones passive margins, continental break-up, melting, mid-ocean ridge
Understanding and quantifying drought using climate simulations for the last 2000 years University of Birmingham Dr. Martin Widmann/Dr. Anne van Loon/Dr. Christel Prudhomme/Dr. Johann Jungclaus Palaeodroughts
Estimating the risk of Antarctic ice shelf collapse using Bayesian nonparametric statistical modelling University of Birmingham Dr Nick Barrand/Dr. Sergio Bacallado Antarctica, Ice Shelves, Sea-Level Rise, Risk, Bayesian
The dynamics and sedimentology of large river confluences University of Birmingham Greg Sambrook Smith/Jim Best River geomorphology and sedimentology
What controls the redistribution of critical elements during high-grade metamorphism and partial melting? The Open University Tom Argles/Frances Jenner/Sam Hammond/Nigel Harris geochemistry, critical elements, granite, mineral deposits
The stratigraphy and emplacement of the Antrim lavas (SEAL) University of Birmingham Carl Stevenson/Sebastian Watt/Rob Raine/Dougal Jerram volcanic processes, stratigraphy, lavas, igneous petrology
Ionometallurgical Processing of Mineral Concentrates University of Leicester Prof Andrew Abbott/Dr Gawen RT Jenkin/Dr Daniel Smith Mineral Resources
Novel green approaches to processing sulfosalt minerals – electrochemistry in ionic liquids University of Leicester Dr Gawen RT Jenkin/Prof Andrew Abbott/Dr Daniel Smith/Dr Christopher Stanley Mineral Resources
Future changes of tropical cyclones in East Asia and potential adaptation measures University of Birmingham Dr GC Leckebusch, Dr M Widmann East Asian tropical cyclones, climate projections, climate change, adaptation