Evolution of Organisms and Ecosystems

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Living life at the edge The Open University Dr Karen Olsson-Francis/Clare Warren/Kevin Purdy extreme environments, Microbial communities, geochemistry
Trees: A cryptic terrestrial methane sink? The Open University Dr Vincent Gauci/Dr Karen Olsson-Francis methane, Greenhouse gases, Ecosystems
Plant-microbe-methane interactions during freeze-in conditions in the Alaskan tundra The Open University Dr Vincent Gauci/Professor Walt Oechel/Dr Karen Olsson-Francis methane, Greenhouse gases, Ecosystems
Epigenetic effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on the important pollinator, the buff tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris. University of Leicester Eamonn Mallon/Ezio Rosato Epigenetics, Pollinators
Sex-biased processes and the population structure and conservation of great ape species University of Leicester Prof Mark A Jobling, Dr Celia A May, Dr Jon H Wetton Great apes, Y chromosome, mtDNA, genomics, population structure, evolution, conservation
Invasive alien carnivorous plants: ecology, function and management of the purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) in Europe Loughborough University Dr Jonathan Millett/Dr Kevin Walker/Dr Simon Smart/Prof. Aaron Ellison/Prof Paul Wood non-native species, alien invasive species, carnivorous plants, pitcher plants, Sarracenia
Project title: Forecasting species persistence to future global change by learning from past evolutionary dynamics University of Birmingham Dr Luisa Orsini, Prof James Brown, Prof Mark Viant, Prof John K. Colbourne, Dr Shan He eutrophication, climate change, evolution, aquatic ecosystems, system biology, multiomics, keystone species, Daphnia
Resurrecting ghost ponds to fight loss of aquatic biodiversity University of Birmingham Dr Luisa Orsini, Dr Carl Sayer biodiversity, freshwater, human impact, Restoration, conservation, keystone species, Daphnia
Predicting the fate of resistance genes, plasmids and hosts in mixed communities University of Birmingham Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft/Prof Elizabeth Wellington Individual-based modelling, Plasmid transfer, Fitness cost, Antimicrobial resistance
Death and the carbon cycle: Hydraulic failure and recovery of trees under climate change University of Birmingham Dr Tom Pugh/Dr Jeremy Pritchard/Prof. Rob MacKenzie forest mortality, drought, Climate Change, carbon cycle, water cycle
Diversity and functioning of mucoromycotan root endophytes- a newly-discovered prolific and globally distributed group of rhizosphere symbionts University of Warwick Gary Bending/David Bass/Megan Ryan Sustainable use of resources, Microbial communities, Next generation sequencing
Resilience of Microbial Communities to Extreme Weather University of Warwick Gary Bending/Niall McNamara/Christopher van der Gast Microbial communities, Extreme weather, Next generation sequencing
Sensing and transmission of environmental signals across generations University of Warwick Andre Pires da Silva/Robin Allaby Cross-generational inheritance, Stress, Sex determination, Germline, Evolution, Nematode
Sexually deceptive orchid pollination strategies: is one true love or broad sex appeal best? The Open University Dr Julia Cooke/Prof Claire Turner/Prof David Gowing pollination, sexual deception, Volatile organic compounds (VOC), orchids
Brown hares, land use and predation risk The Open University Philip Wheeler/Mandy Dyson Conservation, Agricultural intensification, Predation, Land-use change
Tempo and mode of early angiosperm (flowering plant) evolution The Open University Dr Luke Mander/Dr Angela L. Coe plants, flowers, pollen, evolution
The conservation ecology of muddy pond margins The Open University Professor David Gowing/Dr Philip Wheeler/Dr Stewart Clarke Metapopulations, local extinction, landscape ecology, seedbank, endangered species, conservation management, wetland ecohydrology
Sex, selection and differential gene expression University of Leicester Dr Rob Hammond, Dr Eamonn Mallon, Dr Africa Gomez Evolution, Sex, Sexual Differentiation, Sexually Antagonistic Selection, Gene Expression, Triops
Hydrological niche segregation of carnivorous Sundew plants (Drosera spp.) on ombrotrophic bogs: how do they coexist? Loughborough University Dr Jonathan Millett/Prof David Gowing/Dr David Ryves wetland, biodiversity, bogs, hydrology, niche, carnivorous plants
Siliceous wood: does silicon matter to plants beyond leaves? The Open University Dr Julia Cooke/Dr Philip Wheeler ecological strategies, functional ecology, wood, plant traits, phylogenetic patterns, plant silica
Ecological drivers and evolutionary patterns: diet, feeding, evolution and extinction in conodonts University of Leicester Prof Mark Purnell/Dr Duncan Murdock/Prof Phil Donoghue evolution, extinction, survival, palaeontology, microfossils, vertebrates, trophic diversity
The tracks of pterosaurs, and their implications for pterosaur palaeoecology and evolution University of Leicester David Unwin/Mark Purnell/Richard Butler/Peter Falkingham/Brent Breithaupt Evolution, locomotion, palaeoichnology, palaeoecology, pterosaur
Out from the shadow of the dinosaurs? Dietary diversity and niche partitioning in Cretaceous and Palaeocene mammals University of Leicester Prof. Mark Purnell/Dr Stephen Brusatte/Dr Thomas Williamson/Dr Sarah Gabbott Mammal evolution, dietary analysis, trophic diversity, quantitative analysis, palaeontology
Growth, form and function in problematic Cambrian paraconodonts University of Leicester Dr Tom Harvey/Prof. Mark Purnell/Dr Duncan Murdock/Prof. Phil Donoghue Palaeobiology, Cambrian ‘explosion’, chordate evolution, microfossils
Drought Sensitivity of Terrestrial Ecosystems in Europe and North-America University of Birmingham Dr. Anne Van Loon, Dr. Samuel Zipper, Dr. Claudia Teutschbein, Dr. Laurent Pfister, Dr. Nick Kettridge Drought, Ecosystems
The epigenetics of adaptation and evolution University of Birmingham Dr Leda Mirbahai/Prof John Colbourne/Dr Juliet Coates epigenetics, adaptation, Daphnia, algae, bioinformatics, computational epigenetics, high throughput technologies
The biology of suspended animation and resilience to environmental change University of Birmingham Dr Scott Hayward/Prof. John Colbourne/Dr Luisa Orsini Daphnia, diapause, stress physiology, climate change, systems biology, omics, sequencing
Promoting wildtype behavioural ecology in sanctuary great apes to aid reintroduction programmes University of Birmingham Dr Susannah Thorpe/Dr Jackie Chappell environment, great apes, conservation, ecological adaptation, behavioural ecology
Dispersal patterns in primitive vertebrates University of Birmingham Dr Ivan Sansom/Prof. Mark Purnell/Dr Richard Butler/Dr Lauren Sallan biodiversity, palaeontology, marine, Palaeozoic
The early evolution of vertebrate hard tissues University of Warwick Prof Georgy Koentges/Prof Robin Allaby/Prof Phil Donoghue vertebrate, skeletogenesis, cellular imaging, cell tracking, modelling, biomineral deposition
Cranial functional morphology during the origin of the archosaur body plan University of Birmingham Dr Stephan Lautenschlager/Dr Richard Butler/Dr Bhart-Anjan Bhullar/Dr Martín Ezcurra functional morphology, computer modelling, evolution, palaeontology, archosaurs, Triassic