Evolution of Organisms and Ecosystems

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Genomic tools for great-ape population dynamics and conservation University of Leicester Prof Mark A Jobling/ Dr Celia A May/ Dr Jon H Wetton Conservation, Y chromosome, mtDNA, Great Apes, Evoultion, Population structure, Genomics
The dawn of calcifying plankton: a revolution in climate regulation University of Birmingham Sarah Greene/ Tom Dunkley Jones/ James Rae Climate modelling, Carbon cycle, Biogeochemical modelling, Nannoplankton, Evolution
Thermal dynamics of the River Danube: long-term responses to environmental change University of Birmingham Dr Chris Bradley/ Prof. David Hannah
Sensing and transmission of environmental signals across generations University of Warwick Andre Pires Da Silva Cross-generational inheritance, Sex determination, Germline, Stress, Evolution, Nematode
Metabolome, transcriptome and genome profiling to identify rhizo-ecological dynamics University of Warwick Dr. Patrick Schäfer/ Dr. Gary Bending Root microbiome, Metabolomic, Transcriptomics, Root ecology, Rhizo-microbiota
Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system. The Open University Dr. Yoseph Araya/ Dr. Phil Staddon/ Prof. David Gowing Carbon cycle, Hydrology, Meadows, Biodiversity
Completing the siliceous ecology puzzle: can we fill in the missing piece of wood? The Open University Dr Julia Cooke/ Dr Philip Wheeler Plant traits, Wood, Functional ecology, Plant silica, Ecological strategies, Phylogenetic pattens
Methane and N2O fluxes in temperate forests: reconciling scales and source-sink attribution of powerful greenhouse gases at high temporal resolution (CASE) The Open University Prof. Vincent Gauci/ Dr. Kadmiel Maseyk/ Dr Sirwan Yamulki Greenhouse gases, Ecosystems, Biosphere-atmosphere exchange, Forests, Climate
Angiosperm evolution and the Arctic floral revolution The Open University Dr Luke Mander/ Dr Angela L. Coe/ Robert A. Spicer Climate, Evolution, Plants, Diversity, Morphology
Brown hares, land use and predation risk The Open University Philip Wheeler/ Mandy Dyson Conservation, Predation, Land-use change, Agricultural intensification
The evolutionary genetics of sexual mode switching. University of Leicester Dr Rob Hammond/ Dr Eamonn Mallon/ Dr Africa Gomez Evolution, Sex, Gene expression, Sexual differentation, Sexually antagonistic selection
Molluscicide use and food preferences in terrestrial snails and slugs University of Leicester Volko Straub/ James McCutcheon Feeding behaviour, Behavioural plasticity, Gastropods
Establishing an palaeoenvironmental context for the Middle to Later Stone Age transition in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa University of Leicester Dr Andy Carr/ Dr Arnoud Boom/ Dr Gerrit Dusseldorp Palaeoclimate, Stable Isotopes, Biomarkers, Palaeoecology, Palaeohydrology, Geoarchaeology
The anatomy, function and evolutionary history of the pterosaur bauplan – a taphonomic approach University of Leicester David Unwin/ Mark Purnell/ Sarah Gabbott Function, Evolution, Pterosaur, Taphonomy, Anatomy
Post-fire dunefield ecological recovery Loughborough University Dr Matthew Baddock/ Prof Joanna Bullard Remote sensing, Vegetation, Drylands, Aeolian, Geomorphology
Benefits of human exposure to nature: a multi-sensory examination of evolutionary drivers University of Birmingham Dr Susannah Thorpe/ Prof Jon Sadler/ Dr Phil Jones/ Dr Jackie Chappell Human evolution, Natural environments, Human ecology, Human health and wellbeing
Enabling wildtype behavioural ecology in captive parrot species University of Birmingham Dr Jackie Chappell/ Dr Susannah Thorpe Behavioural ecology, Psittaciformes, Parrots, Environment, Conservation, Ecological adaptation
Maternal effects and rate of epigenetic adaptation University of Birmingham De Leda Mirbahai/ Prof John Colbourne/ Prof Ben Brown Epigenetics, Daphnia, Adaptation, Transgenerational inheritance
Pollinator responses to climate change University of Birmingham Dr Scott Hayward/ Prof Jon Sadler Ecology, Physiology, Insect, Diapause, Stress, Woodland, Phenology
The molecular physiology and evolutionary biology of Antarctic insects University of Birmingham Dr Scott Hayward/ Dr Luisa Orsini/ Prof Pete Convey/ Dr Melody Clark Climate Change, Omics, Polar ecology, Systems biology
The completeness of the early shark fossil record University of Birmingham Dr Ivan Sansom/ Prof Richard Butler/ Prof Mike Coates Palaeozoic, Marine, Sharks, Biodiversity, Palaeontology
Functional morphology of Oviraptorosauria and the evolution of dietary diversity in theropods University of Birmingham Dr Stephen Lautenschlager/ Professor Richard Butler/ Dr Michael Pittman 3d models, Dinosaurs, Digital visualisation, Fossil, Biomechanics, Anatomy
Terrestrisuchus and the origin and early evolution of crocodylomorphs University of Birmingham Professor Richard Butler/ Dr Stephen Lautenschlager/ Professor Paul Barrett/ Dr Stephen Brusatte/ Dr Nicholas Fraser CT-scanning, Triassic, Fossil, Reptile, Crocodilian, Anatomy, Systematics
Projecting hydroclimatic extremes in the Himalayas for the 21st century University of Birmingham M. Widmann/ A.F Van Loon/ N. Barrand/ J. Sanjay/ R. Singh Climate Change, Himalayas, Hydrological extremes
Growth, form and function in problematic Cambrian paraconodonts University of Leicester Dr Tom Harvey/ Prof. Mark Purnell/ Dr Duncan Murdock/ Prof. Phil Donoghue Microfossils, Chordate Evolution, Cambrian ‘explosion’, Palaeobiology
Epigenetic and genetic effects of long term neonicotinoid exposure on natural populations of the important pollinator, the buff tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris. University of Leicester Eamonn Mallon/ Ezio Rosato Epigenetics, Pollinators
Predicting the fate of resistance genes, plasmids and hosts in mixed communities University of Birmingham Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft/ Prof Elizabeth Wellington Plasmid transfer, Fitness cost, Antimicrobial resistance, Individual-based modelling