Organisms and Ecosystems

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Can we develop tools for securing Lawtonian landscape resilience? Cranfield University Prof. Ron Constanje, Jim Harris & Lewis Deacon
Analysis of sediment DNA (sedDNA) to understand ecosystem resilience in microbial communities. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Daniel Read, James Bendle & Glenn Rhodes
Oceanic island museomics: human impact and the natural laboratory paradigm University of Warwick Prof. Robin Allaby & Dr. Mark Carine
Global diversity and ecosystem functions of a newly discovered plant-microbe symbiosis University of Warwick Gary Bending, Chris Quince, Rob Griffiths & Megan Ryan
A biogeochemical conundrum: How do metals cross the bacterial outer membrane? University of Warwick Dr Claudia Blindauer & Prof. Dave Scanlan
Understanding microbial lignin degradation in soil University of Warwick Prof. Timothy DH Bugg & Prof. Elizabeth MH Wellington
Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen & Prof. David Scanlan
Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance University of Warwick Andre Pires da Silva & Robin Allaby
Cave exploration: shedding light on organic sulfur cycling in a terrestrial underground chemosynthetic system University of Warwick Dr. Hendrik Schäfer, Dr. Deepak Kumaresan & Dr. Yin Chen
Revealing a cryptic organosulfur cycle in benthic marine environments using microbiology and metagenomics University of Warwick Dr. Hendrik Schaefer & Dr. Yin Chen
Microbial communities cycling organic sulfur compounds in Arctic sea ice University of Warwick Dr. Hendrik Schaefer, Dr. Hendrik Schaefer & Dr. Yin Chen
Microbial sunscreens for better life University of Warwick Prof. Vasilios Stavros, Dr. Christophe Corre, Dr. Scott Habershon & Prof. Laurent Blasco
Transport, fate and aquatic ecological impact of airport de-icers: a collaborative research project with Heathrow Airport Cranfield University Dr. Robert Grabowski & Dr. Angel Medina Vaya
Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system. The Open University Dr. Yoseph Araya, Dr. Phil Staddon & Prof. David Gowing
Sedimentation patterns in the tropics during the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) period of extreme environmental change The Open University Angela Coe, Luke Mander & David Kemp
Siliceously deficient? Are UK crops missing out on silicon and can cover crops help? The Open University Dr. Julia Cooke, Dr. Luke Mander & Dr. Jacqueline Hannam
Floodplain-meadow management in a changing environment The Open University Prof. David Gowing, Dr. Shonil Bhagwat, Jo Copping & Martin Kincaid
Comparative palaeoecology of marine and terrestrial ecosystems The Open University Dr. Luke Mander, Philip Sexton & Richard J. Twitchett
Angiosperm evolution and the Arctic floral revolution The Open University Dr Luke Mander, Dr. Angela Coe & Robert A. Spicer
Understanding life at the limits The Open University Karen Olsson-Francis, Vitoria Pearson & Kevin Purdy
Understanding the impacts of urbanisation on ancient woodland The Open University Philip Wheeler, Kadmiel Maseyk & Sarah Davies
Eel Anguilla anguilla migration, barriers and loss of ecosystem services: the case of the River Parrett catchment, Somerset Levels. Loughborough University Prof. Stephen Rice, Prof. Paul Wood & Dr. Andrew Pledger
Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems Loughborough University Dr. David Ryves, Dr. Luisa Orsini, Prof. James Brown, Dr. Keely Mills & Prof. John Anderson
Evolutionary consequences of sexual mode switches on gene expression. University of Leicester Dr. Rob Hammond. Dr. Africa Gomez & Dr. Eamonn Mallon
Investigating adaptation of autotetraploid Erythranthe guttata to internal and external environmental challenges University of Leicester Dr. James Higgins & Prof. Ed Louis
Imprinting and ploidy in a social insect University of Leicester Eamonn Mallon & Ezio Rosato
Detecting wildfire dynamics with multi-dimensional time series of remotely sensed data University of Leicester Kirsten Barrett & Hideyasu Shimadzu
Climate change in the Peruvian Amazon: assessing and modelling the role of invertebrates in wood decay and carbon cycling under changing flood dynamics. University of Leicester Kirsten Barrett & Moya Burns
3D quantitative analysis of textures in palaeobiology: environments, taphonomy and exceptional preservation University of Leicester Professor Mark Purnell & Professor Sarah Gabbott
Tracing the geological signature of a human-induced transformation of the biosphere in Indonesia University of Leicester Mark Williams, Prof. Jan Zalasiewicz, Prof. Sarah Gabbott, Prof. Sue Page, Dr. Juan Calos Berrio, Prof. Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar, Prof. Jonathan Everts, Michael Wollrath & Dr. Dan Exton
Evolution and phylogenetic relationships of the early cerapodan dinosaurs University of Birmingham Dr. Susannah Maidment, Prof. Richard Butler & Prof. Paul Barrett
Wild minds: how do apes learn about and use their physical environments? University of Birmingham Dr. Jackie Chappell & Dr. Susannah Thorpe
The Biology of Suspended Animation University of Birmingham Prof. John Colbourne, Dr. Luisa Orsini & Dr. Scott Hayward
Drivers of marine ecosystem change during an ancient abrupt global warming event University of Birmingham Dr. Kirsty Edgar, Prof. Richard Twitchett & Prof. Richard Butler
The ones that got away: diversification and dispersal in the first neopterygians University of Birmingham Sam Giles, Graeme Lloyd & Zerina Johanson
Re-thinking insect adaptation to Antarctica’s extreme environments University of Birmingham Dr. Scott Hayward, Dr. Luise Orsini & Prof. John Colbourne
Woodland insect responses to climate change University of Birmingham Dr Scott Hayward, Prof Jon Sadler & Dr. Christian Pfrang
Linking impacts of climate change on snow and water resources University of Birmingham Joshua Larsen, Ross Woods & Bettina Schaefli
Brain evolution in pre-mammalian cynodonts and the role of intraspecific variation University of Birmingham Dr. Stephan Lautenschlager, Dr. Martin Ruecklin & Prof. Paul Barrett
The genetic basis of adaptive evolution University of Birmingham Dr Lindsey Leach, Professor Ben Brown, Professor John Colbourne & Dr Luisa Orsini
River ecosystem resilience to changing flow regimes University of Birmingham Mark Ledger, Prof Alexander M. Milner, Prof Paul Wood & Dr Thomas Aspin
Modelling temporal changes in biodiversity as a function of land-use change in Indonesia University of Birmingham Dr. Tom Matthews, Prof. Jon Sadler, Dr. Tom Martin, Dr. Tom Pugh, Dr. Nick Barrand & Dr. Arie Vatresia
Tree mortality and drought: leveraging the power of big data University of Birmingham Dr. Tom Pugh, Dr. Tom Martin, Prof. Jon Sadler & Dr. Tom Matthews
Orangutan behavioural ecology in wild and captive settings University of Birmingham Susannah Thorpe, Jackie Chappell, Matyas Liptovszky & Clare Ellis
Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways University of Warwick Dr. Yin Chen & Dr. Kevin Purdy
Genetic Dark Matter? Functional characterization of a non-coding RNA regulation of microbial metabolism of climate active trace gases. University of Warwick Dr. Yin Chen & Dr. Hendrik Schäfer
Micro- and nanoplastics: the fate and the impact on marine life University of Leicester Dr. Shengfu Yang & Dr. Will Norton
Elucidating the transmission and persistence of antimicrobial resistance genes in the Thames watershed University of Birmingham Dr. Jan-Ulrich Kreft, Prof. Elizabeth Wellington & Dr. Chris Quince
The potential of natural phage communities in biofilm degradation University of Warwick Eleanor Jameson. Andrew Millard & Freya Harrison
Combatting Illegal Trade in Animal Products by Rapid On-Site DNA Sequencing University of Leicester Prof. Mark A. Jobling, Dr. Celia A. May, Dr. Jon Wetton, Dr. Matyas Liptovszky & Dr. Samuel D. Merson