Organisms & Ecosystems

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Holocene rapid climate change and vegetation response in Cappadocia, Turkey University of Birmingham Dr Warren J. Eastwood, Professor Jon Sadler, Dr Jon Dean & Dr Çetin Şenkul
The point-of-no-return for the Amazon? New insights from high-resolution atmosphere simulations University of Birmingham Dr Peter Hopcroft, University of Birmingham, Dr Martin Widmann, University of Birmingham, Dr Tom Pugh, University of Birmingham,
Drivers of seasonality contrasts in sea surface temperature and freshwater flux within the Intertropical and South Indian Ocean Convergence Zone – Holocene and present University of Leicester Prof. Jens Zinke, Dr. Arnoud Boom & Dr. Peter Hopcroft
Transport of climate active trace gases between the atmosphere and biosphere University of Warwick Prof Robert M Kerr & Dr. Kelly Redeker
Investigation of the topographic control for geohzards prone zone ecosystem functional properties by multiple remote sensing sensors University of Warwick Dr Xueyu Geng & Professor Qiuhua Liang
Global diversity and ecosystem functions of plant-microbe symbioses University of Warwick Professor Gary Bending, Dr Chris Quince, Dr Rob Griffiths & Dr Megan Ryan
Angiosperm evolution and the Arctic floral revolution The Open University Dr Luke Mander, Professor Angela L. Coe & Professor Robert A. Spicer
Response of meadow species assemblages along a hydrological gradient and impacts on the movement and fate of carbon in the plant-soil system. The Open University Dr. Yoseph Araya, Dr Phil Staddon & Prof. David Gowing
Unpicking the drivers of spatial-temporal (palaeo)hydroclimatic variation in southern Africa University of Leicester Andrew Carr, Brian Chase, Lynne Quick & Arnoud Boom
Conservation genomics of bumble bees University of Leicester Dr Rob Hammond & Dr Sandra Beleza
Microbial sunscreens for better life University of Warwick Professor Vasilios Stavros, Associate Professor Christophe Corre, Associate Professor Scott Habershon & Professor Laurent Blasco
Seeing the water through the trees: how much water will forests of the future hold? University of Birmingham Tom Pugh, Josh Larsen, Vincent Gauci. Karina Willians, Matthias Forkel & Tim van Emmerik
Hyperspectral signals of change in grassland ecosystems The Open University Dr. Kadmiel Maseyk, Prof. David Gowing, Dr. Holly Croft & Dr. Mike Moorcroft
Siliceously deficient? Are UK crops missing out on silicon and can cover crops help? The Open University Dr Julia Cooke & Dr Jacqueline Hannam
What are the effects of exotic tree introduction in British forests on soil nitrogen cycle processes? University of Warwick Dr. Ryan M. Mushinski & Professor Gary Bending
Towards a mechanistic understanding of peatland reactive nitrogen cycling University of Warwick Dr. Ryan M. Mushinski & Professor Gary Bending
Understanding controls on peat formation in the Congo basin University of Leicester Dr Arnoud Boom & Prof Susan Page
Dynamics of pollution transport in contructed wetlands: identification and quantification of underlying physical mechanisms of solute and solid (microplastic) transport University of Warwick Dr Soroush Abolfathi, Dr Jonathan Pearson, Prof. Gary Bending & Dr Geoff Brigthy
Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) for calibrating and evaluating Individual Based Models of fisheries University of Warwick Richard Everitt, Nicola Walker, Richard Thorpe & Richard Sibly
Climate change in the Peruvian Amazon: assessing and modelling the role of invertebrates in wood decay and carbon cycling under changing flood dynamics. University of Leicester Dr Moya Burns & Dr Kirsten Barratt
Taking a high frequency pulse of rivers: the new wave of water-quality and pollution checks to support integrated real-time river basin management University of Birmingham Prof. Stefan Krause, Dr. Glenn Watts, Prof. David M.Hannah, Dr Josh Larsen & Dr Corinna Abesser
Resistant rivers: can antimicrobial resistance spread through our river networks? University of Birmingham Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft, Joshua Larsen, Prof Elizabeth Wellington, Dr Chris Quince & Dr Andrew Singer
Forest impacts on climate; what are the controls on greenhouse gas emissions from trees? University of Birmingham Vincent Gauci, Nick Kettridge, Josh Larsen, Sami Ullah & Sirwan Yamulki
Enhancing peatland resilience to wildfire through ecological and hydrological reclamation; building the evidence base. University of Birmingham Nicholas Ketteridge, Sami Ullah, Alistair Crowle & Dave Chandler
Tropical forest carbon, habitat structure, and faunal biodiversity: implications for conservation The Open University Dr. Kadmiel Maseyk, Dr. Phil Wheeler, Dr. Julia Cooke & Dr. Tom Martin
Forests of the future: what, when and how will trees get their water? University of Birmingham Dr Joshua Larsen, Prof Jeff McDonnell, Prof Stefan Krause, Prof David Hannah, Dr Nick Ketteridge, Dr Glenn Watts, Prof Melanie Leng & Dr Scott Allen
How does the geomorphology and biogeochemistry of rivers interact to influence the carbon cycle? University of Birmingham Greg Sambrook Smith, Vincent Gauci & Mark Ledger
Do wooded networks (Treescapes) enhance bird dispersal and movement in cities? University of Birmingham Prof. Jon Sadler, Dr S. James Reynolds & Dr Tom Matthews
Gardening for wildlife: Drivers of avian productivity University of Birmingham Dr S. James Reynolds, Prof. Jon Sadler and Dr Tom Matthews
A hidden record of early animal evolution? Exploring the Cambrian diversity of acritarchs and small carbonaceous fossils University of Leicester Dr Tom Harvey, Prof. Mark Williams, Dr Brian Pedder, Prof. Sören Jensen & Prof. Teodoro Palacios
The early Palaeozoic evolution of Vietnam University of Leicester Tom Harvey, Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewicz, Toshifumi Komatsu, Giles Miller, Hung Doan Dinh Hung & Nguyen Duc Phong
‘Pteraichnites’ and their implications for pterosaur terrestrial palaeoecology and evolution University of Leicester David Unwin, Mark Purnell, Richard Butler, Peter Falkingham & Brent Breithaupt
Smelly sediment dwellers – identifying microbial populations driving DMSO reduction in anoxic sediments University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer, Dr Kevin Purdy & Dr Yin Chen
Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen & Prof. David Scanlan
Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen & Dr Kevin Purdy
Grazing and disturbance as management tools in coastal slacks: consequences for soil organic matter, biodiversity and functional resilience Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Dr Aidan Keith, Dr Jonathan Millett & Dr Rob Griffiths
Insect adaptation to Antarctica: past and future University of Birmingham Dr Scott Hayward, Dr Luisa Orsini, Prof John Colbourne & Pete Convey
Microfaunal response to Early Jurassic climate cyclicity following the late Triassic mass extinction. University of Birmingham Ian Boomer, Kirsty Edgar, Philip Copestake & Rob Raine
Children’s Citizen Science and the Natural Environment: Motivations, Experiences and Outcomes Loughborough University Dr Sarah Mills & Professor Paul Wood
Nutritional ecology of carnivorous pitcher plants. Loughborough University Dr Jonathan Millett, Dr Erica Young & Dr Leonora Bittleston
The effect of the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) extreme environmental change on insects The Open University Angela Coe, Bryony Caswell, Scott Hayward & Luke Mander
Understanding the limits of microbial life The Open University Karen Olsson-Francis, Susanne Schwenzer & Vic Pearson
Organism responses to environmental change – testing hypotheses of dietary niche shifts in cichlid fishes over historical and longer timescales University of Leicester Prof Mark Purnell & Prof Sarah Gabbott
3D quantitative analysis of textures in palaeobiology: environments, taphonomy and exceptional preservation University of Leicester Professor Mark Purnell, Professor Sarah Gabbott & Dr. Thomas Clements
Carbon fluxes along environmental and altitudinal gradients in the Colombian Andes University of Leicester Dr. Juan Carlos Berrio, Dr. Joerg Kaduk & Dr. Carlos Parra
Cave exploration: shedding light on organic sulfur cycling in a terrestrial underground chemosynthetic system University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer, Dr Deepak Kumaresan & Dr Yin Chen
Understanding the genetic blueprint of photosynthetic bacteria? University of Warwick Dr. Richard Puxty & Prof. David Scanlan
Floaters vs. sinkers: How do marine phytoplankton combat the biological pump? University of Warwick Dr. Richard Puxty & Prof. David Scanlan
Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance University of Warwick Andre Pires da Silva & Robin Allaby
Fish like it hot? Response of fish and shark communities to abrupt past global warming University of Birmingham Dr Kirsty Edgar, Dr Elizabeth Sibert, Dr Ivan Sansom & Prof. Richard Twitchett
Tackling taxonomic and taphonomic biases in the Triassic fossil fish record University of Birmingham Sam Giles, Thomas Clements, Zerina Johanson & Ivan Sansom
Waking the “dead”: Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems Loughborough University Dr David Ryves, Dr Luisa Orsini & Dr Keely Mills
Understanding the impacts of urbanisation on ancient woodland. The Open University Philip Wheeler, Kadmiel Maseyk & Sarah Davies
What soil factors lead to high reactive nitrogen oxide emissions in agricultural landscapes? University of Warwick Dr. Ryan M. Mushinski & Professor Gary Bending
The Formation of Ice in Bacterial Fragments and their Biomimetics: Toward the Understanding of Biological Ice in the Atmosphere University of Warwick Dr. Gabriele C. Sosso & Prof. Matthew I. Gibson
Bio-precipitation or self-cryopreservation: Why does pollen nucleate ice? University of Warwick Dr Thomas Whale, Prof Matthew Gibson & Dr Daniel Ballesteros Bargues
Unravelling the novel bacteriophage diversity in tropical rain forests University of Leicester Dr Andrew Millard and Prof Martha Clokie
The Anthropocene geochemical footprint in the Great Barrier Reef University of Leicester Prof. Jens Zinke & Dr. Tiffany Barry
Understanding interactions that determine the fate of microplastics in riverbed environments University of Warwick Jonathan Pearson, Gary Bending & Daniel Read
Can we develop tools for securing Lawtonian landscape resilience? Cranfield University Ron Corstanje , Jim Harris & Lewis Deacon
Imprinting and ploidy in a social insect University of Leicester Eamonn Mallon & Ezio Rosato
Towards sustainable surface water ecosystems in India: Predicting the fate, transport and effects of urban wastewater pollutants in rivers. University of Leicester Dr Mick Whelan & Dr Mark Powell
Rivers of the dammed: how should beavers fit and function in UK landscapes? University of Birmingham Simon Dixon, Josh Larsen, Vincent Gauci, Stewart Clarke & Annegret Larsen
Transformative approaches for the monitoring and conservation of biodiversity University of Birmingham Dr Luisa Orsini, Dr Mohamed Abdallah, Dr Jiarui Zhou, Dr Romain Derelle, Dr David Ryves, Dr Glenn Watts & Dr Kerry Walsh
Effects of atmospheric Nitrogen pollution on Soil Carbon Storage and greenhouse gas emission from forests soils. University of Birmingham Dr Sami Ullah, Dr Liz Hamilton, Dr Elena Vanguelova, Prof Niall McNamara, Dr Mike Morecroft & Prof. Nate Basiliko
River ecosystem resilience to hydrologic drought in a changing world University of Birmingham Mark Ledger, Prof Jonathan Sadler, Prof Paul Wood, Dr Thomas Aspin & Dr Francois Edwards
Restoration of grassland habitats to deliver public goods The Open University Dr Clare Lawson & Prof David Gowing