Organisms, ’omics and biogeochemistry

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Degradation of synthetic chemicals in water-sediment systems University of Warwick Gary Bending/ Jonty Pearson Sustainable use of resources, Microbial communities, Next generation sequencing
Understanding microbial lignin degradation in soil University of Warwick Professor Timothy DH Bugg/Professor Elizabeth MH Wellington Enzymes, Soil bacteria, Lignin degradation
Diversity and functioning of mucoromycotan root endophytes- a newly-discovered prolific and globally distributed group of rhizosphere symbionts University of Warwick Gary Bending/David Bass/ Megan Ryan Sustainable use of resources, Microbial communities, Next generation sequencing
Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen / Dr Kevin Purdy Biogeochemistry, Trace gas, Marine microbiology, Climate, Biogeochemical cycles
Microbial lipid cycling in the oceans: an integrated ‘omics’ approach University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen / Prof David J Scanlan Climate Change, Cell surface, Marine bacteria, Nutrient stress, Lipidomics, Transcriptomics
Genetic Dark Matter? Functional characterization of a non-coding RNA regulation of microbial metabolism of climate active trace gases. University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen / Dr Hendrik Schäfer Marine microbiology, Biogeochemical cycles, Biogeochemistry, Trace gas
Revealing the secrets of the ‘known unknown’ genes in marine bacteria University of Warwick Dave Scanlan/ Andrew Millard/ Yin Chen Molecular marine microbiology, Roseobacter, Bioinformatics, Cyanobacteria
Is there a cryptic organosulfur cycle in benthic marine environments? University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer/ Dr Yin Chen Salt marsh, Sulfur cycle, Trace gas degradation, Dimethylsulfide, Metagenomics
Metabolic and electrical interactions in natural and synthetic cyanobacterial mats University of Warwick Orkun S Soyer/ Joseph A. Christie-Oleza Microbial communities, Oscillatoria, Metabolism, Electric signalling, Metabolic cycles, Microcosms, Self sustaining systems
Identifying drivers for antibiotic resistance in river systems University of Warwick Prof. Elizabeth Wellington/ Dr Christopher Quince/ Dr Andrew Singe Metagenomics, Bioinformatics, Antibiotic resistance, Model development
Resilience to change in a fast-changing environment: vegetation productivity in the high Arctic The Open University Dr. Kadmiel Maseyk/ Dr. Mark Brandon/ Prof. Peter Convey/ Prof. Kevin Newsham
Deciphering the phosphorus cycle in soils: towards an understanding of mineral dissolution by microbially produced organic and inorganic acids The Open University Dr Karen Olsson-Francis/ Dr Kadmiel Maseyk/ Dr Angela Lamb Biogeochemistry, Stable Isotopes, Phosphate, Microbiology, Soils
Are bacteriophages important mediators of horizontal gene transfer in the marine environment ? University of Leicester Dr Andrew Millard/ Prof. Dave Scanlan/ Dr Dov Stekel Bacteriophage, Gene Transfer, Modelling, Microbiology, Antibiotic Resistance
Genomic tools for great-ape population dynamics and conservation University of Leicester Prof Mark A Jobling/ Dr Celia A May/ Dr Jon H Wetton Conservation, Y chromosome, mtDNA, Great Apes, Evoultion, Population structure, Genomics
Pushing Boundaries in Ecohydrological Geophysics to Test the Two-Water Worlds Model University of Birmingham Prof. Nigel Cassidy/ Prof. Stefan Krause/ Prof David Hannah Tree ecohydrology, Hydrogeophysics, Water Isotopes, Soil water dynamics
Direct insights into drivers of palaeohydrological change in southern Africa, as revealed by leaf wax D analysis of rock hyrax middens University of Leicester Andy Carr/ Arnoud Boom/ Brian Chase Biomarkers, Palaeoclimate, Palaeoecology, Africa, Leaf wax, Hydrology, Isotope
Waking the dead: Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems Loughborough University Dr David Ryves/ Dr Luisa Orsini/ Dr Kelly Mills/ Prof John Anderson Uganda, Nutrient dynamics, Resurrection ecology, Evolutionary ecology, Genomics
Chemical cocktails: understanding the combined effects of nanoparticles and pharmaceutical on microbial species and populations University of Birmingham nanoparticles, mixture toxicity, microbial communities, diversity, proteomics, structure and functional changes, transcriptomics, pharmaceuticals
Palaeohydrology of the Neotropical Andes and the Amazon basin University of Leicester Dr Arnoud Boom/ Dr Andy Carr/ Dr Paul Arellano/ Dr. Brian Chase Stable Isotopes, Biomarkers, Palaeoclimatology
Stripping the molecular basis of marine microbial interactions University of Warwick Dr Joseph Christie-Oleza/ Yin Chen/ Dave Scanlan Metabolites, Phytoplankton, Heterotrophic bacteria, Microbial interactions
Microbiome mediated resiliency of freshwater habitat University of Birmingham Dr Luisa Orsini/ Prof James Brown/ Prof Peter Lund Evolution, Daphnia, Microbiome, Fitness, Metagenomics, Transriptomics
The fate of microplastics accumulating at groundwater-surface water interfaces University of Birmingham Prof. Stefan Krause/ Prof Iseult Lynch/ Prof. Greg Sambrook Smith/ Dr Dan Lapworth/ Prof. Daren Gooddy Microplastics, bisphenol-A, Streambed, Endocrine disruptor
Human alteration of the nitrogen cycle: Implications for denitrification and nitrous oxide emission from forest soils University of Birmingham Dr Sami Ullah/ Prof. Stefan Krause/ Dr Nick Ketteridge/ Dr Laura Cardenas/ Dr Swanne Gontharet Greenhouse emissions, Greenhouse gases, Forest soils, Nitrous oxide, Soil quality, Atmospheric Deposition, Dentrification